Red Dead Redemption

So i have been done with RDR for some time now but i really wanted to share what i think about it.  
I'm just going to start with saying that RDR is the best game i have played in a long time. Big big contender for game of the year for me.  
Even with some bad glitches i think this a extremely  well made game. I can understand that its hard for Rockstar to catch every bug and glitch in that big world.   
The graphics is just amazing. From the iconic old west America, Mexico and the great plains. I has so different moods and looks. For me i like Mexico the most. When the sun was high on the sky and you were watching Mexico in all its "glory oh my it gave my goosebumps.  
The world is not the biggest sandbox game i have ever seen but it is so much to do. Its stranger mission, races, games(Poker etc) and many animal you can hunt as a part of the challange system. So i think you can get more than 20 hour's out of this game. If i dont remember wrong Vinny had over 50 hour's gametime in RDR
So to the story: Its is so good. Over the 20 or so hour's i felt i made i tight bond with John Marston. I felt that the mission sometimes could be a bit repetitive but that is just a small thing that really every game have. The ending is also awesome, luckily i kept myself from reading any on the RDR forum. After i killed Duch Van Der Lind i really though that the game was over so it was a nice surprise to be able to finally see his family. It would have been wrong not to include them in the game, when the whole reason he does everything is to get them back.  
 Because you get attached to John it was hard to see him get killed by Edgar Ross, but i guess it would happen sometime. Since he also was in Duch's gang he would also need to be killed to wipe out the whole gang.  
Then after that you get to play Jack, John son. I guess he is around 20-23 years and Abigale,his mother died shortly after John so he is all alone and filled with anger. So the last mission you play with Jack and finally get to put 1 or 8 bullets in Edgar Ross's brain. 
 In the upcomming DLC i would love to see more of Jack and also see what happent to John before he had to work with the government.