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I just subscribed for another year about a week ago and i cant be more happy to support such a awesome website. The write up was great and really well written. Thanks GB dudes, keep being awesome.

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Svarstad, Vestfold, Norway

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Well thank god valve is working on some vr stuff. Im pretty sure they arent going to sell out ot facebook

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This is crazy. Just cant believe its true. My thought go out to Anna,his family,friends and everyone of the GiantBomb duders. Having followed this site since the start is going to be weird going on without Ryan, but this community is unlike no other and we can get thru this eventually.

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Not a Dota player, not even a MOBA player but i love the Daily Dota. Its great content and at first i dident understand much but i just read up on stuff and now it so much more enjoyable to watch. Just reading the wiki about the characters they play, items they use\talk about, and moba's in general makes it more fun to watch. Also Crispy is funny.

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Any ETA on when the server is up again?

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Still possible to be whitelisted?


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this is the feeling i have gotten when i have talked to others about it. All tho its still in beta it seems like its so much that has to be done before it is even close to competitive with Planetside 2(which is the most direct competitor).

The concept is in my eyes the most exiting thing about Dust and the links into Eve has potential to be very cool, but when they cant deliver a good paying game all that is just a waste.

That said, Dust isn't a game for Call of Duty gamer's, and its not the market they are going after either. so i don't expect people that like COD to like Dust.

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The NDA was lifted yesterday so people that has played, or are playing it can now talk about it.

I dont have a PS3 and dont really care for consol FPS, but since im a active eve players i want to heard what others think of this trainwreck..... i mean game.

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There are some rumors that it will come to PC, but nothing official.