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This sucks. When Patrick joined the Bombcast I disliked his voice and what he brought to the podcast, but enjoyed his writing. After a month or so I got use to his voice and began to enjoy his different taste in games from the other guys. By the time he started Bombing the AM he was my favorite regular. Sigh.

Best of luck Patrick. I'll happily follow you wherever you land if it's something public-facing. Thanks for all the writing/etc, and especially for sticking your neck out for people that need it.

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Sounds a lot like me after I put hundreds of hours into the 360 version. Particularly the strangeness of the Dragonborn being largely irrelevant after finishing the main quest. In Oblivion the player was subjected to praise and an overuse of the voiced title "Hero of Tamriel!" but in retrospect I preferred acknowledgement of main quest completion.

Beware the PC version. With a good set of mods attuned to your preferences it nearly becomes a different game. For me the inclusion of a great deal more random encounters, similar to Daggerfall, breathed new life into it. Just haveta' wade through the "clean women" glut of mods that Gerstmann so perfectly summarizes.

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Nice and simple, plus the lengthy explanation is appreciated. Trying new stuff is what keeps 'Bomb relevant.

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I've been using Hori's screen protectors since the original DS. They just work.

Hori 3DS XL screen protector (Amazon)

My method of applying them is the following; Before applying, clean your screen with eyeglass lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Then have canned air nearby to blow any remaining dust particles off the screen. Whilst applying the screen protector, grab a plastic card like identification or credit card and wrap it with the microfiber cloth. Use that cloth-covered card as a safe way to evenly apply pressure as you splay the screenguard across the screen. DO NOT use the card or anything like it without wrapping it in the microfiber cloth first, as there is good chance of scratching the screenguard without it.

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I'd like a better video player too, and the ability to watch subscriber videos somehow on mobile (phone/tablet.) Other then that, random game videos based on stuff the guys like is always great. Their enthusiasm and commentary for stuff they enjoy is why I come back. Audio only versions of videos would be cool too.

Other'n that, just glad they're keepin' on. Enjoyed the GOTY picks a lot. Oh oh and wanna see Bombin' the AM continue; it's a great addition that compliments the Bombcast well with news and goings-on.

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It's a visual novel presented as a first person game. Yes.

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Sega Marine Fishing.

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I probably would have suspected the same had I not heard a denial of it on Steve Gaynor's Tone Control podcast. I was NOT expecting the call Samantha got from Lonnie near the end, so that made up for the sorta-spoiler.

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Xenogears, Final Fantasy (IV, VI, X) Dragon Quest V, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne, Chrono Trigger, and Tactics Ogre - Let us cling together.