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Great ad. Reminds me of how in touch Sony was near the launch of the PS1 and throughout the console's lifespan. I hope they kill it this generation because Microsoft needs the competition BADLY in the States.

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@fleabeard said:

Antistatic Wrist Strap

I STRONGLY second this. Make VERY SURE that your tools are not magnetized. You also might consider picking up a forehead-flashlight at your local hardware store, they look goofy but are really helpful when you need great light and both hands. Only consider LED based ones, the old incandescent ones suck comparatively. Get some cable-ties too, though you likely already know about that bit.

I've really liked this toolkit over the years, and it comes with the wrist-strap:

You should have enough RAM for now, I just hope your board can accommodate 32gb for later expansion.

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Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The very close seconds are Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Einhander. I wish I had played through Final Fantasy IX at release but I wasn't a fan of Final Fantasy VIII and swore the series off til X came out. Lotta love for Crono Cross too.

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Because bitter can be delicious. Sweet often loses its luster with age. Also, good editing on that video!

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Interesting. I see his points but I'd probably give it a 5 or 6 based on his commentary and reasons. 4 seems a touch too low. If nothing else I respect Gamespot for allowing a lower than mediocre (5!) score for such a huge game.

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May he rest in peace. I enjoyed the first three or so Jack Ryan books a lot, but it's Red Storm Rising that takes top position. Excellent what-if fiction that must of had a ton of research put into it. I know he worked on it with another author but still deserves just as much praise.

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Whoa. I am very glad they're gunning for a custom OS over trying to sell hardware in the form of SteamBoxes. Cool if they try that eventually, but this is something that could grab marketshare. I think they'll pull off a good OS but the question is whether enough games will support it. Modern game creation suites that allow easier ports could help a lot in this regard. Nice logo, too!

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@pepsiman Great detail you added there, thanks.

My worry is that Square Enix might acquire Atlus. I still enjoy Final Fantasy and all but WOW is that a company who hasn't known good efficiency for years.

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Shower-beer. Try it and only then decide. Preferably after lotsa manual labor.

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Oh it's Jeff's birthday? Cool, happy birthday Mr. Boss.