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I worry about lots of stuff. Nearly everything, in fact. One of those fun little quirks of my personality. Strangely, the future of the site isn't one of those things right now. I know that the games media business is in a weird place right now, the upheaval of Vinny moving is weird, and it's gonna be bizarre having new faces in the SF office (which will be along shortly), but that's all the stuff that gives me hope. I think the changes we're making are the kind that could very easily break us out of our rut--because let's face it, we've been in a rut for a while now. Maybe it all goes south someday down the road, maybe game journalism as we know it dies a horrible, sputtering death, but just objectively looking at what we're doing in the immediate future, I feel pretty great about where things are headed.

Just my two cents. Feel free to disregard all of this as the kind of stuff I'm "supposed" to say, given the circumstances. I'll understand.

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@kindgineer: Uh, I enjoy lots of things, actually. What a weird thing to say to someone.

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@ltkettch237: I agree on the notion that this episode is much more about Bigby's interactions with other characters. I just didn't find the majority of those interactions to be interesting or worthwhile. The bit at the very beginning and the conversation with The Woodsman were the only two that really did anything for me.

When I tried to remove the ribbon from Narissa's neck she just recoiled and told me I could NEVER EVER do that again. I don't think there's a more explicit reveal, unless that comes from a different choice,

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There are basically two ways you can approach this.

You can presume that the job of any journalist in any field is to remain entirely neutral and impartial in all situations, that they must extricate themselves from the presumption of bias by never promoting or acknowledging things like Kickstarter projects, even if the journalist happens to be friends with the people involved, or just genuinely wants to see the game made.

Alternately, you could see journalists as human beings with emotions, feelings, and relationships with other people. And as a result of these things, sometimes they want to step outside the cold, unfeeling world of Journalism for a second to put their voice behind something they like or believe in.

I understand the tendency to gravitate toward the former, as impartiality is obviously very important to someone who works in journalism or as a critic. But I also think that stance is a little too hardline for the reality of what the game industry is, and especially what Giant Bomb is. We've never made a secret of our friendships in this business, and in situations where those friendships might directly conflict with our ability to remain impartial, we've tried to take steps to make sure that doesn't become a problem--IE me not ever reviewing Harmonix games or their direct competitors, our not reviewing Bastion following that video series we did, etc. When I wrote that initial story about the Amplitude Kickstarter, I tried to remove any personal feelings I might have had about it from the equation, and just report on it plainly as a big news story, which I still think it very much was. Obviously even that was still too weird for some people.

I like Amplitude as a game a lot (so much so that I did an Encyclopedia Bombastica video for it). I am also friends with many of the people at that studio still. Jeff is pretty much in the same boat on both counts. We can either pretend that neither of the above things are true and just keep our mouths shut until this Kickstarter campaign winds to its conclusion, or we can do a little bit to try and help our friends do something we want to see done. If that somehow comes off as icky or improprietous, then I kinda don't know what to tell you. I just know I'd rather do something small to help a project I'd actually very much like to play get its funding, rather than just sit by and do nothing at all for fear of someone yelling at me about it. If doing so bumps me down some kind of imaginary credibility scale in your mind, then I think I'm okay with that, all things considered.

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@likeassur: If I was really doing a moment-by-moment retelling of each episode, this would have been like three times as long. I'm trying to cover the relevant plot points so people know what I'm talking about, but still trying to find a right balance for that, I guess.

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Yo Kalisto's pretty good.

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@starvinggamer: Talked it over with Jeff and we agreed to pull down the article due to some of the concerns expressed re: my former employment there, and our general thing about not posting about Kickstarter campaigns. FWIW, we've never had a hard rule about not posting KS campaigns, and in this case I somewhat naively thought it would be no big deal since it's a well-known studio, and a game people remember fondly. But obviously some people took umbrage with it so it seemed smartest to just take it down and not turn this into a big thing.

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@optix12: Yep. The only time I intended to pause it was with the jacket removal. The other couple of times it was to help I think Greg and someone else get their controllers set. Hopefully that wasn't too much of a faux pas.

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This thread title flatters and humbles me. I hope the archive gets back up on twitch soon. That was really fun!

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