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Gosh you're witty.

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The Bombcast is ridiculously long. The sky is up. Water is wet. Some things are just inarguable constants.

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@tonbergum said:

Ok,well I'm definitely embarrassed. Lol. Well Alex still seems pretty cool and should still be in more videos. Sorry, man. I got a ruined sock with your name on it even, lol!


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You're all very weird.

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@def: I didn't even get it from Pachter. I went looking for actual NPD reports. Maybe what I read was misreported.

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@pie: If you read through some of the various spoiler threads (yes, I know, still an after-game problem), there are some solid explanations for how the post-credits bit fits into the endgame scenario. It's up for debate, but I like the possibilities that have been floated.

That said, I did understand the core ending when it happened. It took me a few minutes to process it, but as it was going, I basically understood what the game was saying and what Booker's final baptism meant in the grander context of the game. If I hadn't understood where it was going, I imagine that yeah, I'd have had a real hard time connecting to anything it was trying to do. And I'm not suggesting that people should just automatically get it, because it's definitely opaque in places where it maybe ought not to be.

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@tarsier: I played it primarily on medium, but I've also played the first few hours through on hard and you're definitely right. It requires a lot more thought and technique to fight that way.

Again though, my issue with the combat had less to do with mechanics of it, and more how off it felt in pace with the rest of the game.

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@brodehouse: The Chen Lin part was definitely the least interesting section of the story for me, specifically for the reason you mentioned. Once they just start hopping from tear to tear, I realized that the game had no intention of paying off the Vox Populi storyline with any sense of coherency. It's probably what made the team think the Daisy Fitzroy turn worked as it did, since it was a new universe, and therefore who cares if we felt one way or the other about her in the previous one.

That said, it still kind of sucked. I wanted the Vox Populi section of the story to at least present something noteworthy to the story outside of a large force for Comstock to already be fighting, but the game never really gets to that. It didn't ruin the overall game for me, but that part was kind of a bummer.

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@angrighandi: Actually, in an interview I did a year or so ago with Harmonix's head dudes, we actually got pretty far down the rabbit hole of why the plastic instrument genre blew up and fizzled out the way it did.

Considering how old this is, no surprise people might not have seen it. But yeah, the only reason I didn't get too far into the circumstances around the fall of the genre was because I'd already covered it relatively extensively there, and didn't want to repeat myself. Plus, I just wanted this to be more about reminiscing than hardcore examination.

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@recspec: Thing is, some of those Neversoft-developed GH games were pretty great, especially in song selection. Harmonix's dedication to DLC support obviously swayed me more, but I still played the hell out of a bunch of those Activision GH games.