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No Little Mermaids, No Talking Crabs... 0

I kind of feel that Endless Ocean has been overlooked and also under-publicised - it's a Wii game with a novel concept, that plays well for all ages, and promotes a sense of wonder about nature, in this case the marine life in and around the coral reefs, which are in serious danger in the real world.Okay, the Wii controller is slightly shabbily used - rather than move the remote to swim, you actually point at the screen which becomes rather frustrating. But it still plays quite smoothly, and is ...

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You Can Eat People? Sign Me Up! 0

Rampage was great fun on release, and still plays pretty well - there just aren't that many games where you climb buildings and then destroy them with your fist. The multi-directional punching works really well - you soon become adept at destruction, as well as propelling yourself around the screen from one building to the next. The satisfaction of devouring human flesh has certainly never been captured so brilliantly in a game. The downside to the game is that in the arcade original at least, y...

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