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Now I'm no Call of Duty hater, but haha, what? Sure, it wasn't bad as far as video game stories go, but there are far better examples of game stories/endings. That's the problem with having the general public voting on 'best of' categories for entire mediums. Only a very small percentage of those who have voted will have experienced all of the contenders and be capable of fairly judging them. It's just another popularity contest.

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I never order pizza so I can't say for that, but as for the haircut I tip $5 for a $15 cut

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At first I was a little skeptical, then I bought and played it. That game blew me away. Everything's already been said about the amazing story, visuals, audio, and tight gameplay that all comes together in a pitch perfect package.

In a way it's a very personal game, if the tone of it really resonates with you, it's probably going to be one of the best experiences you've had in gaming. If it doesn't, you'll probably recognize it as a good game, but nothing extraordinary. Coming from someone in the former group, Bastion absolutely deserves all the love that it's getting.

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For about the first 30 seconds I was disappointed how much like the Lord of the Rings movies it looked. Then I remembered, hell yeah Lord of the Rings! After watching the rest of the trailer, I no longer have any fears of this movie turning out poorly.

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Can you use a gift coupon on items already marked down or on full priced items only?

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I think I'll wait for steam to start, you know, working

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Check the pudding. There you will find your proof.

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I keep telling myself I'm going to stop buying these humble indie bundles, but they're just so damn good

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I get the feeling Nolan North has a great Troy Baker voice

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At my high school no calculus courses were required but they were offered. The first was pre-calculus, which anyone could take if they took a math class all four years that covered the basics of limits, integrals, and derivatives. If you chose to take two math classes one year or Algebra I in middle school, then you could take calculus your senior year without ever having to double up on math classes.