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I was going to buy ps4 and pc, but when they said ps4 was 30fps they lost my money on that. Waitin for pc now I guess.

GTA isn't really that much better in 60 fps, I'll be glad it's 30 locked since driving seemed to hit the twenties regularily. The improved textures should be the main draw to play on PC, unless you plan to play in first person a lot.

I disagree, GTA IV on PC is certainly better for textures, resolution, mods, but also for the buttery frame rate, it's better in every circumstance. Of course if the PS4 could handle the game (GTA V) at 60fps it would run at 60fps, locking at 30 would be purely because the hardware wouldn't be up to it. Meanwhile the only concern about the PC version is that Rockstar do yet another poor job of optimisation.

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You will absolutely not experience a bottleneck with the top end i5 and single GTX 980. Get a GTX 980 whatever you do.

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@forcen: Does dogcatcher do both news and media? also does it sync with android?

You can use it for articles but Doggcatcher is really built for podcasts (audio/video) so when it comes to articles the formatting can be quite off, the general UI of Doggcatcher isn't great for reading either. I do recommend it, I use it all the time for podcasts but just podcasts. For reading I sign my Feedly account into GReader. The Feedly app falls flat when it comes to offline reading, so if you commute or travel (the times I tend to read articles) you could be left hanging, it's nice to wake up in the morning and have all the news with or without a solid connection.

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Reading this thread...jeezus. People who "can't handle" anything less than 60 fps and/or "sold their consoles" because of stuff like this are fucking weird.

Anyone used to playing games at 60fps would find the drop to 30 to be quite an adjustment, and the ones who find it an issue and had the brain to realise these nextnextgen consoles weren't going to handle it didn't buy one in the first place.

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To me Siege of Shanghai is not a good map although it does offer up a style of play quite different to 3. I'm currently pitching in with other BF3 admins for a BF4 server and we know for sure this isn't going to be on the rotation as we settle on one map. Overall there are a good few improvements made, the overall feel is decidedly more arcady (good or bad depending on who you are), there are balancing issues that one would hope would be addressed and there have been some technical and networking problems on the PC side that I can't imagine will all be fixed with the release so close. It does look fantastic despite plenty of unfinished textures, shame about the current-gen console versions.

[edit] one welcome change is the cooldown on vehicle ammunition, namely the chopper gunner that can't spend the whole round firing non-stop, taking on targets is now a more considered affair.

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@mmmman I have yet to play the game as I'm holding out for that (inevitable...right?) PC release but I think the PC version of IV illustrates best that there is a large section of the audience who enjoy the game primarily for how it can imitate reality (to a point). Mods that allow you to issue tickets as a traffic cop, that allow you to hold car keys... yes car keys, the ENB mods that aim for photorealism, a carefully modelled Mac Book Pro for your pad, and it's all so one can not do a whole lot, being "boring" and getting as close as is comfortable to reality. That is I believe a big part of what Rockstar intended, the mods allow people to take it further. I say as comfortable though because I wouldn't equate the pedestrian version of GTA you and many others like to play with reality when they remain removed from each other. GTA discards a lot of what would make driving around London an actual bore/bad time, namely £/litre, congestion charging, traffic, lack of parking and fines that mean something. Driving in GTA is made to be a pleasure and while people find pleasure in different things I doubt many want to "play" the stationary experience of Warren Street, 5:30pm on a Thursday.

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Its posts like those that make me wish this site had a + button or like button for posts.

That was a thing once, and it should be again (imo).

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Ah, about the response I expected from the "rawr popular music is garbage" crowd.

I don't see anyone saying anything like that. If you ask what people think they should be allowed to give an honest answer.

I dont like this song, I think it's awful, but I don't think that "rawr popular music is garbage".

Different tastes and all.

I can't tell if the condescension is because that's how he rolls or he liked what he heard.

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Thank you kindly for that last one, looking forward to playing Lone Survivor and didn't have the other two!

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I have the Nexus 4 and it's a great phone, but they've stopped selling them, the new one will be announced soon and some images have leaked, looks like LG will be making again. I'd hold out if you can, but it's tough being without a phone...