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Well it's Edge so that means something.

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@fattony12000: Brian Blessed and Goldie, drinking White Ace, riding a Henry and a Dyson? What is going on?

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My favourite was Crisis Zone, after playing a lot of Time Crisis Namco did essentially the same game with a machine gun (1P though).

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Does this mean we're one step closer to an HD collection of the Tellius Fire Emblem games?

It would already exist via the Dolphin emulator.

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It's "burned out on," not "off".

Nothing yet...

I'd go with "burnt out" myself. I thought most people did although I think if you have an American accent they would sound similar.

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Empire Online: the number one source for reviews.

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Guys the OP is quite clear, "you can only ask for one key", so either pick the one you want or the one you think you'll have more chance of getting, but pick one.

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Such generosity, I'd like to be entered into the randomiser for Hotline Miami.

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Most of the stuff I buy on Amazon I can stand to wait the time for free delivery, so overall no, I also don't order that regularly.