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@sweep: that's strange... some of the gifs weren't animating; clearly my problem, I'd assumed they were uploaded to GB... when did they include adding images via URL in the editor? Must have been recent...

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@sweep include instructions for the people how to add animated gifs in their posts, this whole clicking to see them is a gigantic pain. @rorie any plans to bring back direct html input for our posts? We've been suffering a step backward in forum technology! Suffering

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I think people need to realize there is a difference about being excited about the new consoles and being excited about Video Games in general. I don't want the new consoles and will not be getting one as I have 0 interest and anything they offer. I am however excited about Witcher 3, Mirror's edge 2, and a ton of other game coming to my computer. Just because I dont want any consoles doesn't make me a bad gamer or a bad person.

This is pretty much how I feel, I remain cynical about the new consoles, I feel gaming was held back by the long life cycle and now we finally have new consoles there are more games coming out I'm excited for.

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Fire drill in high school: the entire school lined up outside in the payground. I heard the PLOP behind me and felt the slightest PAT on my back, I believe the assailant was a seagull. I knew instantly what had happened, and in a flash I had taken off my jacket and folded it under my arm. It was smooth damage control, with the only witness being the person behind me, despite his attempt to let everyone know, without anything to point at a crisis was averted.

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If the XBone manages to outsell the PS4 in the US, where a good chunk of the AAA games industry is headquartered and where games seem to make the most money, then won't this all be a moot point because devs will have to make sure it runs well first on the XBone?

Unless the PS4 somehow winds up running everything at a blazing smooth framerate and average Joe notices that his XBone isn't playing Call of Duty quite as well as his buddy's PS4 does, and he goes to buy a PS4 and forgets about the XBone. That would certainly be an interesting phenomenon to happen around the US.

All just speculation, anyway. This might sound really weird, but I'm more interested in seeing how things pan out than I am in actually acquiring any of these consoles. I'm still playing games, yes, but mostly on my 3DS, PS2, and PC.

By the sounds of things performance parity isn't going to be as much of an issue this time around. As for CoD, MS have first dibs on DLC so any CoD megafan is probably going to want to play on the X1.

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All the animosity between Israel and Palestine just goes to show neither deserve to be nation-states. They lack the foresight to team up with their immediate neighbors and accomplish something important. They fail to see that this is bigger than any of them and they fail to see that hate begets hate. Honestly if the kiddies can't learn to play nice, Uncle Sam should take their sandbox away. Holy land can't be holy when people are spilling blood on it.

Uncle Sam arms Israel, actively opposes recognition of a Palestinian state and vetoes resolutions that support Palestinian human rights or condemn Israel's actions, the notion that this one-sided position could somehow be a stabilising force in the region is farcical. Uncle Sam the peace keeper? Give us a break, I'd love to hear what the analogy "taking the sandbox away" would actually entail.

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Well it's Edge so that means something.

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@fattony12000: Brian Blessed and Goldie, drinking White Ace, riding a Henry and a Dyson? What is going on?

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My favourite was Crisis Zone, after playing a lot of Time Crisis Namco did essentially the same game with a machine gun (1P though).

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