Dumb Threads and Blog Posts

Starting January 2010

Why do so many people smoke weed?

Do you look at porn?

Brink is Anti-Female (Blog post)

Please boycott this game

Who else plans on boycotting Jay leno in the future?

I don't know what to do.

Should the U.S.A go to war with Yemen?


rate me from 1 - 10

That's it you fools, this is a website about video games! (Blog post)

The Downfall of a Community (Blog post)

What denoted discrimination?

this gen racing games that brakes for us, WTF?

GiantBomb...I made a website!

Will the next Call of Duty be exclusive to one console?

Why would you pronounce the letter "Z" as "Zed"?

I am tired of these people. (Blog post)

Is it wrong to visit Gamespot.com ?

If you are a guy is blowdrying then sometimes straightening your hair gay?

Stop playing this game

Do You consider Yourself a Prominent Member of the GB Community?


If Valve released a console


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