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@ottoman673: I've bought quite a few things from them in the past without any issues. I think they are just busy (hope) with the launch of RoS, but still mad about no communication to the customers.

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Hey guys

Am I the only one who haven't received my copy of Reaper of Souls from Ordered march 3rd.

I've written a Facebook message, fb post, email, message from their website, Skype message and call with no response, no response from anywhere in fact. It's almost 24 hours since release here in Europe, I find it really unacceptable that we get no updates on what's going on.

Sorry for the rant, I just want to hear if anyone else has gotten their key, when they ordered or just if they are in the same boat as me.



Ps. The search function is broken for me here on GB

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Find the first convertible and put the top down! Then cruise into the sunset with one of the awesome radio stations, playing!

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Here in Denmark Elgiganten (retail store) has the PC version of Assassin's Creed III Special Edition for 199 danish kroner, thats about $35. Could not turn that down!

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@Mister_V said:

17kbps... This is STUPID!!!

Uplay was fast for me though. But yeah, that sucks!

The retail seperate downloader is jumping from 8 mbit/s to 70 mbit/s . I have 100/100, so kinda annoying...

edit: mbit/s is how the downloader display it. Strange, I know :P

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@Talis12 said:

Uplay automatically recognizes the game when its installed and adds it to your Uplay library. Only for games bought in their digital store you will get a download button for the game.

Yeah I had my doubts, sadly my code does not redeem on Steam. Time to use the sloooow retail downloader! Thanks a lot for the answer though! :)

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So, does anyone know if its possible to redeem a retail code (bought digitally) on the Uplay service and download the game from there? Can't find anything about that, other then "passport", which as far as I know is the "online pass" thing.

Any help is appreciated .

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Never heard of such issue. Mine haven't crashed once and I'm around 90-95% @25 hours played. Been playing mostly singleplayer to get SP, but had my fair bit of multiplayer too.

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Okay, so does anyone have a list of each car and the points you need to unlock them in multiplayer? Might be a cool thing to have. Though I'm specifically looking to unlock the Nissan GT-R EGOIST. Over 2 mill points and still no GT-R. Thanks

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Finally I can chime in!

Availability: Hard to say, work times differ, but lets just say all around the clock.

Timezone: Denmark, GMT/UTC +1, PST +9, EST +6

edit: Origin Username (might be a good idea to post that) : AbsenceDK

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