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Thats why I go for prostitutes...

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I should first mention that this has nothing to do with the discussions around here about them dissing console versions or anything like that. Nothing at all.

I was just thinking how at least to me it seems that Jeff, Vinny, and Ryan are console guys that built PCs to get the better graphics/performance without really giving a damn on what platform they really game on as long as it's the best experience.

And Brad is also just going to whatever offers the best experience at a point in time (as he should) but he also seems to have a bigger interest in the platform than the others. Like he was the first to play on PC at a TV for example, and long before the others started playing PC games again he was asking about the PC version of games they quick looked.

I don't want to be missunderstood, because I can see how saying something like this in a bad way could cause a war on this thread (god knows why, but it happened before). What I want to say is that even though he comes from a very similar background to the other guys he seems to be leaning a little more towards the PC then the others and I wonder why.

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How long until it's up? (the bombcast I mean)

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@Colourful_Hippie: maybe you had some corrupted files and steam is redownloading it.

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Learn to format your text.

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@Alexander said:

@Alexandru said:

@Alexander: it worked for me, maybe its region locked?

Hmm maybe, I'm in the UK so maybe we're supposed to install a different way (they provide a link to a 70MB exe to put the code in and download the game files) but I'd much rather just use Steam.

Alexander replies to Alexandru. Now thats funny :=))

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@Alexander: it worked for me, maybe its region locked?

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@Cheesebob: It worked for me. You don't have to download anything, just redeem the code thru Steam.

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The Universe will pull a Brad.

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I wonder if it's coming to PC