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When you are so close just put the fucking money yourself. Even with whatever flaws kickstarter has, once you get close to 1-2k, just put them yourself. If you cant find a way to come up with those money, then you clearly aren't competent enough to make a game.

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if you can get it to run at 720p with details at medium and get over 30 fps, then you should play it on PC (the console version runs at about 26 fps).

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I prefer it at 70 or under. I hate the fish eye on the corners that is created at higher FOV.

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I dont know if these were put here already, but take a look at the difference between 360 and PC version.

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not another one...

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@mordukai said:

Hi look. A Box art with the main hero holding a gun looking menacing, how original. I bet this is the NA boxart and the EU and the JP box art will be 100 times better. That is if they a different box art.

They should have that big robot-bird dude, similar to how big daddy was on Bioshock 1.

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@darkjohnny47: far cry 3 on PC works with a controller, and I think Uplay added achievements to ubisoft games too (although I may be wrong). But yeah, I get what you are saying.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: BTW, did you try using tripple buffering? When you use V-sync without it, it just jumps you from 60 to 30 everytime you get under 60 fps, but with tripple buffering, it just skips some frames to maintain the lower framerate. if you only get in the low 50s as minimum, then the framerate skipping is barely noticeable and way better than seeing tearing. Only if it goes in the 40s and 30s is when frame skipping makes the game jittery.

I use 3DOverride from riva tuner to force it on all games since some of them dont accept it from the control panel. It should work both on ATI and Nvidia.

Oh, if you have Nvidia there is an option called Adaptive V-sync that will keep the screen v-synced when you get 60 fps, but drop it when you get under so there wont be any noticeable performance loss. I personally prefer the tripple buffering solution, but some people like this instead. I don't know if ATI has something like this (never owned one).

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@MikkaQ: Could this be because these engines are designed for next gen and while they can be scaled back, the current gen of consoles can't run it well?

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@Abendlaender: console gamers did the same thing until PC gained the definitive tehnological advantage. And they will do it again next gen. And when PC gets back in front, PC gamers will do it again.