Posted by alexisg
Ryan Should Not Have All This Power
Rorie in Groundhog Day
Posted by Dany

Didn't someone photoshop the rorie in groundhog day not knowing rorie was already shopped in and replaced that rorie with a different picture of rorie?

That was great.

Posted by Sweep
Posted by alexisg

@Dany: ha, really? Sounds awesome. That makes me slightly proud that I did a decent job in the first place.

Posted by Sparklykiss

Oh gosh, the Rorie one! Favorite. :)

Posted by MannyMAR

Thank you Alexis sir, I had to use that Power pic as my phone's background. But now I got an error message that says: "No one phone should have all that power."

Posted by NicksCorner

That shop of Rorie is fantastic!