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@brandon is the new me.

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Current status. At the social club near the apple store

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@cutyoface: sounds good. There seems to be plenty of wifi around here. I'll update as necessary.

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Cc in case you missed that last update. I'll try and update this thread with our eventual destination! But for now I'll be hanging by the Apple Store before 7:30 @cutyoface: @monstercrab: @trafalgarlaw:

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Alright kids. I am gonna meet one of the duders in front of the Apple Store on leidse plain at 7:30. From there we will find a place. Probably just easier to do it this way since I have no idea if places will be full. If you wanna meet me there at 7:30 that works. Otherwise I'll update this spot as soon as I can to let let you all know where I will be at.

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@trafalgarlaw: I'll be here till Monday afternoon. But will definitely stay out tonight if people are around. Hardest part will be communicating since I onl y have wifi but once we pick a spot we should be good.

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@pingu44: how about we pick something in Leidseplein? It's close by to my hotel and a good start. The doors and some of the other places that have been mentioned sound like good places to end up eventually if things keep going. I could go for a place with food as well. I just got to my hotel and will be hungry.

What time is good for people in Leidseplein area? I probably need to eat around 7 but if you pick a place for me I am really good at sitting and drinking by myself.

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also cc: @Blue_Cube @Demmetje @_Phara0h_ @Bicycle_Repairman @Pingu44 and others who are on the duders geomap and look close by?