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Yeah this definitely needs an update. It is injecting the names outides of the text area instead of inside the text area and causing all sorts of weird padding issues. It is on our list of things to fix after E3.

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@jensonb: curious, but what tv do you have? Also do you still want to be able to see the chat (and do you actually see it) or are you suggesting only having the video player? Browsers on tvs are pretty difficult to develop on to say the least. Not saying its not possbile but for this go around we really needed to concentrate on getting the core experience working on default browsers. I'd love to get this stuff running on the consoles and even tvs but again there just aren;t any built in web developer tools for these machines so its a lot of hit and miss trial and error type development to get things working.

@rotnac: Yeah cookie preferences are definitely on the road map. The hotkeys need to get a total overhaul. Position is wrong and the actual keys picked are not great. In regards to the polls, I really want the polls to be a thing that can be seen all the time. Forcing a split on all users with the chat pane seems to be a little too much so we need to build in preferences to account for all of that. Feedback heard on this for sure though. It has been suggested a ton. The notifications on the fullscreen player.... not entirely sure. The player itself uses the html5 fullscreen option and it usually only allows one thing to take over. We would have to make changes to the core player to account for this and considering this is used on 4 different sites it might not be feasible. Great idea just unsure about it.

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@hardindr: There is a power saving feature in Safari. Basically it forces flash plugins to need to be focused in order for them to play. While we workout the workaround for this you can do:

Safari Preferences -> Advanced -> Uncheck "Stop plug-ins to save power"

If this does not help then oh hmm damn it. We'll need to look into it some more.

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@supberuber: I assume this is on an iPad or iPhone? Which model and OS?

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For those wondering, I don't think we will be able to post an archive of these streams :/ We just did not have the man power to archive and cut this thing up. Rorie was pretty much going solo and even having Ian split his time in the control room and couch for the second stream just didn't make it possible. You can still watch the streams on Twitch or use a site like savedeo to grab the HD flv files. That all being said we had an incredible time. Let's all remember the duder house in happier times before the great fire and human zoo fiasco.

If any of you are interested in the duder skins for the Sims you can still grab them here:

I almost lost my mind around 5am so super super thanks for all of you who tuned into the streams. Rorie, Danny, Ian and I all really appreciated the support. That was FUN!

Let no man ever not find a toilet or tv in this house (baby brad was at school when this pic was taken)

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@floobar: Well this is fucking awesome. I'll take a look at it with @mrpibb next chance we get but so far it looked really great.

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@video_game_king: Let me think about what the best places will be to allow transparent images. Obviously using them in the header seems to make sense. We have been selectively allowing them in some places. We used to allow them everywhere but we would end up with these crazy gallery pages with 50 images all PNGs and the entire page would be like 50mb. Obviously that might not sounds like a ton, but it was really impacting our site performance.

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This stinks. I actually wanted all videos to be at least 200% the size of your monitor. We'll take care of it.

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I believe the rss feeds have been fixed. Can anyone confirm if their app is still having trouble? DoggCatcher,Zune, Instacast, etc. Seems to work on the Apple podcast app.

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@alistercat: ha I almost puked when I saw that file. I think 3 different people touched that psd. In general I am really big on all caps layer sets (easier to read nesting when you right click the canvas with the move tool) and naming everything possible. But then again spending less and less time in Photoshop these days....