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@alistercat: ha I almost puked when I saw that file. I think 3 different people touched that psd. In general I am really big on all caps layer sets (easier to read nesting when you right click the canvas with the move tool) and naming everything possible. But then again spending less and less time in Photoshop these days....

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@billymagnum: So this is as big a file as we have for that. Most of the parts are vector so it should scale ok but some of the effects might need some tweaking to get a desired result.

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@billymagnum: I'll see what I have when I get into the office today. Ping me again if I forget. Ha my inbox is dyiiiing.

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@dacnomaniac: I don't see a pic. So it just sits there spinning? In Chrome can you open a new tab, right click on the page and press Inspect Element. Click on the network tab, and then paste the url to the mp3 from above. You should then be able to see a page like this:

Then click on the MP3 and look at the headers

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So we found the safari bug. Basically it forces flash plugins to need to be focused in order for them to play. While we workout the workaround for this you can do:

Safari Preferences -> Advanced -> Uncheck "Stop plug-ins to save power"

Not entirely sure what the IE problem is. @dacnomaniac: What version of IE is this happening on? Also you can't download it? It's just an straight link to an mp3. We may need more info to really figure out what the issue is for you. Does this link not work for you?

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Got it. I'll bug this up.

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I think we have isolated the issue to happening when the browser itself is in fullscreen mode and then you try and fullscreen the video. Why the escape button is failing seems to be a browser specific quirk. We use a script to exit when you click the fullscreen button but allow the browser to do the exiting when you press esc. That all being said we are looking into it cause super gross this stinks.

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Oh geezus my tape deck!!! I think some merging from the new video player bonked some of the styles. Working on it.....

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Can you try incognito mode in chrome (to disable all extensions) and then see if this still happens? Also what version of flash do you have? (although chrome is supposed to auto update...)