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I've recently finished playing Super Mario World with my brother. I play through that game once every two years or so. I may also play through SMB or SMB3 on regular intervals that must be counted in years. While I do play SMB2, I find myself bored with that game more easily.

Mega Man 2-5 are regularly visited, with 3 the most frequent. At least one game, each year. I might play one of the X games, but they aren't quite as fun to me as the original blue bomber.

Beyond that, I seem to boot up Skyrim on a bimonthly basis, and twice a year I make an absurdly powerful Morrowind character, make it halfway through the mages guild before losing interest.

For some reason I keep playing The Sims 3. I really don't know why.

I tried a little Vampire: The Masquerade last month. I don't think the world design holds up very well, but I'd love to see a modern game with a bigger, more open world.

Sadly, for this topic anyway, what I'm playing right now are relatively recent releases. I'm in the middle of Batman, the end of Scholar of the First Sin, and the beginning of Witcher 3, which I've been putting off for a while now. I'm also gonna go back to Bloodborne and will play an occasional match of MKX, usually login just to do the premier tower.

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Well, I guess Half-Life 2 is technically the first game I bought for Steam, except I didn't really buy it on Steam, and I didn't use Steam for years afterwards. The first game I bought through Steam seems to be Super Meat Boy.

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I would probably say Witcher 3, if the XP bug didn't stop me from playing. I'm gonna come back to it over the summer. What I played so far, I really enjoy.

So, either Bloodborne or MKX then. I have some hope that Batman will also be good, I could really go in for a good Batman game right now, only two more days...

I also really like Westerado, though I seem to die more often than I'd like.

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1 - Fallout 4, but frankly, Bethesda could've just shown the logo and it'd still be #1.

2 - Mario Maker. Damn it, Nintendo. You're gonna make me buy a Wii U, aren't you?

3 - Horizon. Definitely the highlight of Sony's press conference.

4 - Sea of Thieves. Between this and Hololens, I have to buy an Xbox too...

5 - South Park: The Fractured, but Whole. Just for the pun.

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Start with whichever you can get your hands on at a reasonable price. Don't bother playing every game either. I don't think a playthrough of an earlier game is really warranted and they're all pretty similar anyway. The PS3 games might not be the most fondly remembered, but the look a lot better and play better than the PS2 games, from my limited experience of the PS3 games, and I really think one game is enough to make an assessment of the series. Do you want more, then buy another game and play.

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I have very fond memories of The Lost World when I was a kid, but seeing it again as adult, it just goes on and on and on. It's simply too long and no engaging characters. The dinosaur action is fun, but nothing else really grabs you about that movie.

As for Jurassic Park 3, I never saw it until a couple of years ago. It has some of the same flaws, but only has a 90 minute runtime, so it doesn't overstay it's welcome like The Lost World does. I actually think 3 is better than The Lost World was.

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American cars have a spotty track record when it comes to reliability. Ford does okay in reliability surveys, but parts for Fords have been made in Germany for a number of years now. European outside of Germany are pretty unreliable as well, but German cars are generally expensive to buy, and expensive to fix if they go wrong. Japanese cars are generally very reliable, particularly Honda and Toyota, who consistently place first and second in the surveys I've read.

I just think reliability should be the most important factor when looking for cars. Getting a good deal on a car doesn't matter if it falls apart on you and you have to pay it's value again in repairs.

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PS4 should run the game ever so slightly better due to hardware, and I still don't like the Xbox controller as much as PS4(take that with a grain a salt, I didn't like the 360 controller initially, and now I use it for 60% of the time).

So, if PC isn't an option, go PS4. Or if you like your Xbox better than your PS4, get the Xbox version. I'm sure you'll like it regardless of which version you pick.

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Meh, I think two guest characters are enough for one game. Given that MK already have a blood-powered red female ass-kicker(Skarlet), why pay a a licensing fee for someone who's so similar?

Besides, I'd rather have Smoke.

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You make a good point. While I've purposefully bought multiplatform games for my PS4 as of late, I realize that most of them would be as good, if not better on my PC. The value proposition for a new console if you have a decent PC rig is pretty low. At the same time, many of the games I play on PS4 are perhaps best played on a console, and some weren't available on PC.

PC is definitely better than consoles right now, but I like my PS4 as well.