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Because redirected me here in 2008.

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They went to Liverpool that one time. That's pretty far from San Francisco...

Oh, you meant planned. The end of The Matrix Online was upcoming for long time, wasn't it? Or was it end of Star Wars Galaxies?

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I'll probably pick up the PS4 version next week.

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Oh, I'm not sure. Most of the stuff I liked in 1999 wouldn't play very well today, and I don't think a new or HD remixed Crash Bandicoot would be as fun as I hope. I just think a new Syphon Filter would just go to show that Syphon Filter wasn't all that good to begin with. PS1 games, and early PS2 games were created in a time when camera and movement controls were awful. These games belong to an era that's ended, and I don't think dragging them back into the public eye will lead to anything special.

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Mine's two years old in two months, so maybe it's due for an upgrade or two. A faster CPU, perhaps.

Mobo: MSI B75

CPU: Intel i5-3470

RAM: Kingston DDR3 HyperX 16gb

GPU: XFX Radeon HD7950 3gb GDDR5

HDD: Crucial m4 SSD 128gb + Seagate Barracuda HDD 3tb

Keyboard/mouse: Corsair Vengeance K65 + Razer Deathadder

Case: CM Stormtrooper

OS: Windows 8.1

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It would be interesting to see them giving 5th edition a spin. I really like what I've read of the PHB so far and it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to create a character. Of course, the problem with 5th edition is that all the core books aren't out yet.

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KOTOR 3. After SWTOR i doubt BioWare are very keen on another Star Wars venture and Obsidian are busy with their kickstarter project (not that I think EA would consider working with Obsidian. As I understand it Disney pretty much handed Star Wars video game rights to EA). I'd still love to see a Star Wars RPG that has no affiliation with the established timeline in the movies. The first two KOTOR games did a great job of deconstructing Star Wars and on a whole were much more interesting than the movies from the same time.

I'd also want to see a sequel to Red Dead.

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I got a 16. I kinda rushed through it, so I guess I would've gotten a better score if I had spent more time on it. I've taken color blindness tests before and I'm definitely not color blind, though I've worn glasses for twenty years now and my regular eye-sight is pretty bad.

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I preordered my PS4 in October, but they already sold out their initial shipment, so I have to wait until sometime in December.

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@thedudeabides: JRPGs and Blizzard, mostly. In most JRPGs you'll grind (combat for the sake of experience or items, not game progression) for at least 10 hours. In blizzard's RPGs(WOW and Diablo), grinding is the game. It's pretty much all you do.

Before I could grind for days on end, now I think any amount of grinding is a turn off, and RPG is still my favorite genre.