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You probably won't be needing the more expensive, higher model Asus or MSi boards, as even the Asus Pro Gaming is very good. At the same time, the Asrock boards have gotten very favorable reviews, so I would guess that is also a fine choice. The K4 is actually a little smaller than a normal ATX board, so I don't know how it is to mount.

You will be able to play some games on the integrated GPU, though usually not the newest games. Turning down the settings to medium and resolution to 720p should allow you to play a lot of 3 or 4 year old games at good frame rates. I will of course recommend you buy a GTX 1070 or 1080, though if you're holding off until early next year NVIDIA will probably announce the 1080ti in January and I'd expect the 1080 to drop in price.

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Like most people have said already, i7 is not really any better than an i5 6600 if all you're gonna do is gaming.

Get a proper ATX and a z170 board. I personally like Asus, but the differences between manufacturers in the same price range aren't usually that important.

Memory is good. You definitely won't need more for games.

I would store the OS and core files on the SSD and everything else on a second HDD with better storage. If your internet connection has the speed force, you can rely on that and just download every new game before you play, but I prefer to have a large library available.

The GTX 1070 will definitely give you good frame rates on higher resolutions. If you're really looking to get the best deal possible, you could check the clock speed and compare it with its competitors. I don't think Asus GPUs are the fastest in any price range.

The PSU is okay. I wouldn't overclock it, but it won't short-circuit your board or anything. I would however recommend something else, like the EVGA Supernova B2 or an XFX TS 550W. Just avoid the Corsair CX series as if it has herpes.

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It's probably Hitman. I practically know all four available maps inside out at this point and I'm looking forward to the new maps more than most games that are coming out this year. Considering my love for Civilization, curiosity for FFXV and anticipation for Dishonored 2, I'm surprised that what I'd most like to play is a new Hitman map.

Besides Hitman, Overwatch is probably #2, followed by either Doom or Dark Souls 3.

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My PS4 breaking. I play it enough that I'd want to replace it.

I just spent a lot of money on a new monitor for my PC and will not be buying any hardware for a while. Even then, I'd probably buy a new GPU before buying a new console.

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I definitely wouldn't spend £150 on an old motherboard. I did check out pcpartpicker and saw one for £68(including shipping), but I would definitely start saving up for a z170 and a new CPU.

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While I appreciate BioShock for it's visual style and amazing plot twist, I didn't really like playing the game. The aiming never felt right, the gameplay felt monotonous and the automatic rifle felt like a pea shooter by the end of the game.

Infinite has an equally fantastic visual style, but greatly improve on the gameplay. I thought it had better enemy encounters and I ended up liking most of the weapons in Infinite. I do think the overall story is more interesting in BioShock, but overall I liked Infinite better.

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I definitely prefer steam over its competitors. Steam is easier to organize, it's faster and it has the biggest selection.

GOG is a close second because it's also fast and organized, and much better for older games, but I definitely prefer Steam for new games.

Origin is okay. I have enough games there now that I feel my inventory is a little difficult to organize. It's also not quite as fast as steam, but I'll play games there.

Uplay... It's an okay launcher for my Ubisoft games, but I definitely don't use it for anything else.

Windows Store. The extent of my interaction with it is accidentally clicking the icon on the task bar. It seems a little slow and not very dedicated to games, though I'm a little curious about Forza Horizon 3.

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I would go with the 16:9 for compatibility reasons (and I actually did buy one yesterday). Not to say 4K does not have issues as well, but you can always downscale to 1440p or 1080p if you need to. The problem most people have is the lower refresh rates. No 4K monitor has a better refresh rate than 60hz, while 1440p can have as high as 165hz. The 21:9 monitors can get 100hz, so ideally they would look a little smoother than 4K, but not as smooth as a 1440p monitor.

The 21:9 will definitely cost you more than a 4K. A Samsung u28e590d or an Asus PB287q will cost you around $400, while the good 21:9 monitors start at $600. If you're going for the gaming centric monitors with G-Sync(Nvidia cards only) like Asus ROG Swift or Acer Predator, it's $800-900 for 4K vs $1200 for 21:9. You can get 4K with g-sync for less than $600 if you buy a TN panel instead of IPS.

Like I said, I just ordered an Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ monitor, so I've been doing a lot of research these past few days. It's a 4K IPS monitor with G-Sync. I probably paid more than I should've ($900) and they didn't have any in stock so now I'm just waiting.

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The GPU is always the biggest performance factor in games, so it's typically what you want to look at first. Your CPU should be fine, but if most of your components are as old as your CPU/GPU, you might run into bottlenecks and not get full performance out of your new card. You should also make sure your PSU has the right pin-connectors for your new card. Most new cards require at least one 6+2 connector.

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C: and E:

My second drive was installed after my dvd drive (D:). Occasionally, I'll use my external drive (F:).

My laptop has a partitioned drive (C: and D:), with a dvd drive(E:).