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Look, Apple release products on an annual basis. It's not worth it to get a new device every year, especially when the differences are as incremental as they are. Either every two years or maybe even three years seem to be good times to upgrade. I'd even say wait until they are close to announcing a new product, and drop the price on the previous model. I got a good deal on an iPhone 5 right before the 5S was released, and I've not once thought I should've waited and paid more for the 5S instead. I might get a 6 this summer though.

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I am of the opinion that MGS is the newest form of the Endurance Run, just with longer, less frequent episodes.

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My NES kicked it a while ago, which lead me to buying a Wii and spending in excess of $100 on virtual console games. Old games is the only reason it's still hooked up. I still have my PS2 hooked up too, but neither of them see as much use as my PC or PS4.

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I'd say make a save point just before confronting Benny on the strip. That's where the story really starts rolling and you can pretty much side with whatever faction you want afterwards, as long as you do enough quests for them.

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Depends on the game. Sometimes I use one for a few hours, then when I've progressed some in the game, I pick a different one, and get progressively more saves as I advance.

Other games I only use one, and rely some on auto-saves. In some games I alternate between two or more saves.

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I'll say 2. I think 4 is probably the sweet spot for me, in terms of how the trick system progressed. I have some appreciation for what Underground 2 did, by splitting the game into two with story mode and a classic 2 minute mode with goals.

Also, what's with the Pro Skater HD omission?

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I'm by no means an expert, but I thought he ejected a bullet into the chamber so that the next time he pulled the trigger, the gun would fire, instead of dry-firing and then automatically ejecting a bullet from the magazine.

I also thought the gun jammed because he was ejecting by hand while there was still a bullet in the chamber.

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Fallout 2 is probably your best bet for an older CRPG. It's everything it's predecessor was, and more. If you prefer something more fantasy-based, then Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale are both excellent.

Original Sin is likely your best choice for a modern CRPG. If you're unsure if you'd like the genre, I'd try Original Sin first(the combat is basically Fallout with spells).

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Wow. I felt kinda bad for upgrading my HD7950 to a GTX 970... And now I can't stop thinking about buying a new CPU(go from i5 to i7), a new mobo(because for some stupid reason I have an LG1155) to fit it in, and a new power supply(because I want four pin connectors in case I decide to SLI my 970, my current only has two).

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The Evga card's heatpipes aren't aligned properly, so the Evga cards will run hotter than it competitors. It probably won't be a big problem, but a MSI gaming, Gigabyte G1 Gaming or a Asus Strix should cost about the same, and don't have this design oversight.