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I just bought a few games off steam, but I've also preordered Dragon Age 2 and spending the rest of my Q1 mula on a new 360.

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I just caved in an bought a slew of games(I know some of them were cheaper earlier in the sale):
Super Meat Boy 6,99
Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle 7,49
Torchlight 3,99
Indie 2D pack 4,49
Oddworld Pack 5,24
Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom 0,39
Poker Night at the Inventory (It wasn't on sale, but I figured it was worth it) 3,99

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I played 6 or more regularly when I was younger, often 10 hours or more. In fact, I played Vice City for 23 hours with only short breaks and I'm okay today.
We were bragging about how much we play games, right?
Oh, condolences to the deceased's family and friends.

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@Deathshroud:  I got Darksiders in April for 20 quid (I was just in London for the week, I'm not from England), so you should be able to get that pretty cheap. I haven't played much of it, but I like what I played.
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I went and checked with Volkswagen for prices here in Norway and the cheapest I saw was 227 000 NOK. Normally, if a thing costs 100 NOK over here, it'll cost $ 10 in the states. However, with the difference in currency, this car would cost around $ 37 000, and then the government has a few extra costs on top of that.
But it's all relative...

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If by last year, you mean this year...
Anyway, I think this year had good games, but they were more spread out. All three platforms have had good games. Sony had Heavy Rain and GT5,  Microsoft had Mass Effect and Halo, while Nintendo had new Mario, Kirby, GoldenEye and Metroid.
I think I'm actually looking forward to Mortal Kombat the most. I also really want to see how DNF will finally turn out. It seems like we've been subject of the greatest practical joke ever for a decade and a half now.

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I've never had any problem with mine. However, I have a pair with a broken zipper that keeps coming undone on their own.

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I don't have one.
I might like some more than I like others, but I don't have one simply because my favorite song last week is not my favorite song now, which won't be my favorite song next week. And I don't listen to a lot of music, I've gotten like 5-6 albums this year and that's the most I've ever gotten in a year, and half of it is the Beatles. Truth be told, I don't listen to a lot of music and my favorites are all english or instrumentals. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a song that's not in english that I'd say was one of my favorite, but I know a few I kinda like.

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 So I dusted off my PS and started going through my old games recently. Just now I'm going through Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, specifically the Expert Mode(like the trial mode in SFIV). I've come to a conclusion after getting blisters on my thumbs and lost skin at the base of my fingers. I fucking hate charge characters. I think I did every one of Ryu's and Ken's challenges on the first try, and I didn't need a lot of tries to get Chun-Li or Zangief either. I even got Dhalsim, a character I don't really like playing as.
Who am I missing? Bison's last three and Guile's last. Guile's last is only two moves. It's a double flash kick canceled into an opening gambit. Now, I can wrap my mind around the logistics that goes into this combo. You first do the double flash kick, then immediately hold back and input the rest of the sequence when Guile lands after the first flash kick... But I never get it.
But Bison is a different beast altogether. Like Guile's #16, Bison's #14 requires multiple supers in a combo, but is preceded by a jumping punch and a crouching light kick before the Psycho Cannon, Knee Press Knightmare and another Psycho Cannon. It's not like the others get any easier. I guess I find it much easier to execute double quarter-circles in a combo than Charged Back, Forward, Back, Forward, especially when you have to do multiple in a row...
And no, I'm not seeking the aid of the community. I'm content with not getting this and I'll probably put my PS1 back to collect dust again before too long. But out of curiosity, are there anyone else who have this problem with charge characters in this game(come to think of it, I think Guile and BIson are the only charge characters in this game)?

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An argument could be made for renaming the page to Anakin Skywalker, but Darth Vader is a much more common name for the character, even if it is technically more akin to a title.
Also, doesn't parts of that game take place after Anakin turns to the dark side(at which point he is Darth Vader)?