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@Undeadpool:@SnakeEyes327:   Magneto, Phoenix, Storm, Wolverine and X-23. Sentinel makes sixth.
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@Undeadpool:  If they announce Mega Man, they'll have 3 from various Mega Man series as well. Not to mention that there are 5 X-men characters in the game...
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Zelda could be classified as such, but just barely. It's a fantasy themed adventure game, with some puzzles. It's not like it was a BioWare game.

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I think Proving Ground was the point in the series where it became blatantly obvious to the public that Activision didn't care anymore. In Project 8 there had been some attempt at innovation, but Proving Ground had too many obvious technical issues.
Also, wasn't there a Tony Hawk game where you could literally jump a shark?

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There aren't enough rich people for that to be the solution.

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How about every silent protagonist ever? Okay, that's a little harsh, but many silent protagonists(Claude from GTA3 springs to mind) can do pretty rotten things without giving any justification. I'm okay with having protagonists that are, for a lack of a better word, evil, but they should have some justification for what they're doing beyond wanton destruction, or "they told me to do it".

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Why would you stop? Immaturity is not something that's inherent to Video Games, but something that is inherent to the general perception of Video Games, and a faulty one if you ask me.

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According to steam, I've played it for 6 hours and I'll probably never play it again, but I still really enjoy what I played of it. I don't care about the time trial stuff, but I did collect all twenty trinkets. $5 for 6 hours of entertainment isn't a bad deal, though I actually bought it as part of the Indie 2D pack during the holiday sales.

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There's some sort of receiver you'll have to buy for the wireless controller, but any wired 360 controller should work fine. Too bad both of mine are wireless...
On a side note, I think the "for windows" controller on average are a little more expensive than the regular 360 controller.