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Yeah, claiming that Nintendo is bigger than Sony is just not true. Nintendo is worth less than 20 billion dollars, Sony is worth more than 250 billion dollars. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Not sure about how Nintendo compares to the Playstation division of Sony, but maybe it's more comparable on that level. Still, there's a 230 billion dollar difference between the two.

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Gaming prejudice would've been a better title.
Anyway, as someone who's put FFVII on the top of my best games ever list for a few years now, I can definitely see where you're coming from. However, people tend to forget how important FFVII really was. While the graphics may not look like much now, the graphics were revolutionary and seamlessly integrated FMV into the game. FMVs in games had pretty much been a joke up to that point. Seriously, this was one of the best looking games around. It shaped the JRPG genre too, which hasn't really evolved much past FFVII today. As far as the plot goes, it's not always the best, but it has compelling characters, the villain's methods can seem convoluted at times, but his motivations are pretty much in line with the epic RPG, and it at least makes more sense than FFVIII.

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Eh, like all of us from other continents, you can't participate in most of the contests. Besides, if they were to start shipping to UK, they might as well start shipping to all the countries outside the US.
As for a bias, since you can't win most of the contests, and there are more Americans here than people from any other country, it's only natural that Americans will get most of the prizes. Even if a contest was open to all users, UK would still be a minority and I wouldn't be surprised if users from the UK didn't win.

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I guess now  we know where infinity ward's royalties went.

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To be honest, I don't really care. It's not like I'll be there.

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Like I give a shit.
Look, if you want to live on carrots and tofu the rest of your life, fine. I don't care. However, a lot of the arguments for Vegetarianism are downright stupid(don't worry, some of the counter arguments are equally stupid). Humans digest both meat and plants, so I'll keep eating both.

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Eh... I'm not really. The way I go about my purchasing business is pretty simple. The games I really want and feel I can't wait for I preorder(I just want to be clear, I wouldn't put money down for a preorder, I just order the game before it's release and it shows up at my house on the release date). For other games I wait until I feel I have the money to buy it, or I wait for the price to drop. I pretty much buy all my games online now, since it's always cheaper than the local stores and I'm pretty much guaranteed it'll show up on time.

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So... why didn't you post it in the Persona 5 forum?

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Longest in terms of storyline or game I spent the longest finishing? If you mean the former, I'm not sure. Could be a FF game, or it could be Dragon Age, I'm not sure. If the latter, I have a file in Oblivion that's clocked over 200 hours, where I've pretty much just finished Shivering Isles(I had finished all other questlines).

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I would rather pay $20 for a heavy download, and I have little to no love for any of the new characters. The only thing I'd really be paying for is the new ultras, and maybe I'll like one or two of the characters. Still, that's not worth $40 to me.
If I hadn't already pay $60 for the first game, I would definitely pay $40 for this updated version