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@NekuSakuraba: The controls are fairly simple. One button for selecting weapons, one for jumping, one for shooting. Just remember that the power of your shot is determined by how long you hold it. Can't tell you how many times I've accidentally tapped the fire button and gotten blown up by my own Bazooka. Worms isn't really a single player game though. It has a single player mode, but it thrives in multiplayer. I'd check out this quick look.
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Never played Toy racer. I've only played the sequel to Ready 2 Rumble and it felt kinda old then(10 years ago), but somewhat fun. I don't like tennis games, so I can't comment on it. Tony Hawk Skateboarding isn't quite as good as 2 or 3, it doesn't have manuals or reverts which seriously hampers the potential for long combos. Finally, Worms: Armageddon is my favorite Worms game and probably the best of the series, but if you don't like Worms, you won't like Armageddon. Also, there's a pretty good Worms game(get the second, not the first) on XBLA and PSN.
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I don't know why you say hiked up. I can get 2 months of Gold for $2 through the dashboard if I want it, and a few weeks ago I could get 3 months and 800 MS points for $6. This may be because my subscription ran out a few weeks ago. I also got 14 months for free with the purchase of my 360 and a game (but that was retailer specific). I've seen plenty of other offers on pre-paid subscription cards. You don't really have to pay full price for Xbox live anymore.

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@The_Laughing_Man: If I heard Michael Pachter right when he was one the Bombcast, FIFA sells really well, Madden sales are declining and Tiger Woods is unstable. Still, you can't expect the same three games to save your company every year, especially when you release about 100 games. Still, I kinda hope SWTOR does okay, because nearly half the games I play are published by EA.
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I jumped on the Elder Scrolls train at Morrowind and Oblivion might be my favorite game of all time, and I thought of all the provinces the two I'd most rather see in the next game would be Summerset Isle and Skyrim. 

For those of you not in the know, Summerset Isle is the home province of the High Elves. It's supposedly the most beautiful and magical. I usually prefer playing magic-oriented characters, so playing a mage character in the place in Tamriel where magick study was practically invented is immensely appealing. At the same time, I would also really like to play the underdog in such a place. High Elves are infinitely condescending and supremely arrogant. If you don't know magick, you're nobody. 

is the northern province of the Nords. Cyrodiil(Imperials) was the Province used in Oblivion, while Vvardenfell was an Island in the Morrowind(Dark Elves) province. Hammerfell(Redguards) and High Rock(Bretons) were the locations of Daggerfall. The other provinces include Elsweyr(Khajiit), Valenwood(Wood Elves), and Black March(Argonians). Orcs live in High Rock.

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I have a laptop, so I just close it(sleep mode, I guess) when I'm asleep. I usually turn it on within an hour of waking up, so it's on pretty much all the time, and I pretty much only restart it when Windows Update tells me to.

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The comments about the graphics and the story are just weird. Skipping cut scenes is never ever an issue in that game. You're never in a situation where you'd have to watch a cut scene twice, nor are any of the cut scenes particularly long. Saying the graphics are stuck in 1992, well, that's half the point, but they are still genuinely good. The backgrounds are detailed and in most cases animate. The graphics do not look dated and are in no way below the standards of the genre. The story is far superior to any fighting game I've played, and I've played a lot of fighting game. If anything, Mortal Kombat raises the bar.

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If you spend an hour or more online every day, joining Facebook is an eventuality. You've probably seen a few sites where they require you to log on through Facebook by now and have gotten a bit annoyed by this. You've most definitely considered it. Maybe once a week (if not more often) you think to yourself "all my friends are on Facebook" and consider taking the plunge.

I joined Facebook two months ago and the only thing I've done on Facebook since is sent a birthday greeting to my cousin. Facebook sucks, but you will join.... eventually.

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Deadly Alliance and Deception had difficulty ratings for each characters, depending on how difficult it was to pull off special moves and chain combos together. However, this wasn't the case in Armageddon or DC. I always thought Scorpion was a good starting point for anyone new to the series. His special moves are pretty straight forward and easy to pull off.

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Biologically speaking, yes. We share many similarities to Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutangs, and some scientists would even claim that Humans belong in the same family (Great Apes). Indeed, we share many biologically similarities with most other mammals and many birds too.

Still, the word has more definitions than one, and by many of those other definitions, we aren't. I guess my answer would be sometimes.