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Sure, I can think of ways to make an interesting story told from the viewpoint of a Nazi soldier in the context of a game. I'm not so sure that a story about a terrorist would be as compelling, but I might go for an experience like that too, if the game looked alright.
My biggest issue would be the gameplay though. FPS isn't my favorite genre as it is. A good story(or an interesting premise) would go a long way, but I play one FPS a year... Actually, if it had great gameplay and a well told story, I might just buy it because I'd like to see how they handle a story told from a Nazi's perspective.

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Human is the superior choice, for many reasons, but I wouldn't feel too bad about a Lion, or a Tiger maybe.
The thing is, only humans think like this. Humans are vastly superior, in terms of intelligence, to anything on the planet, so the appreciation of being something else is kinda lost.

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So, he's just making the first three movies in 3D? That's... surprisingly okay to me. I'd be more worried if he was making new ones. If he really screws them up, I can at least go back and watch the slightly less screwed up versions on DVD.
Why do the entire industry have such reverence for 3D? Maybe I should see Avatar, but from what I've heard it's pretty lame when you remove all the fancy 3D stuff.

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I'll bring my adept over from the first game. I also have a soldier, but I might save her for the second playthrough.

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I played through the first game with a Soldier the first time around, which unlocked the assault rifle for my Adept on the second playthrough... but I'll go with adept on my first ME2 playthrough.

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I clocked in at just over 40 hours myself... and I missed out on a lot.
For one, I barely had any party members at the end of the game. I barely had enough to form a party(I had four, I think). I didn't have a single Rogue for the entire length of the game. I played a Warrior, and played semi-good, so I only really had one Mage with me. Still, I really enjoyed my playthrough and I liked how my character turned out.

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I had a 28" CRT TV forever, but bought a 32" LCD TV on Monday(yes, this week).

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Is it weird that I know which game every one of those robots appeared in?
Except Ukulele Man, I must've missed that one...

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The story in VIII wasn't very good and the villain was kinda... bland. The characters weren't really all that likable. Some of them were damn right annoying(Barret may go completely berserk from time to time and spout some gibberish slang, but he's nowhere near as annoying as Zell). Also, a lot of the stuff that happens in that game doesn't make any kind of sense at all. I think VII at least manages to make the story and setting somewhat believable, if not realistic. Characters had believable motivations, for the most parts, and the world seemed more plausible because it seemed more intelligently designed.
Anyway, I'm completely biased in this discussion. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time and introduced me to the wonders of RPGs(and I'm not ashamed to say I got teary eyed at the end of disc 1). FFVII means more to me than FFVIII can ever hope to. Still, I feel VIII(story, setting and the junction system) is an inferior game.
Also, the Gunblade has to be the stupidest weapon in the final fantasy series.

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@AjayRaz said:
" dead bodies, really.  "
Depends on the context. There's nothing brutal about just a dead body. A dead body mauled by a bear on the other hand...
I haven't really seen much brutality, beyond people getting hit and some falls.