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@corevi: The first one wasn't that bad. On a scale from The Dark Knight to Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I'd rate it about the same as Captain America: The First Avenger. The second one is almost as bad as Rise of the Silver Surfer. Actually, I think it's worse, simply because it had more talent and money behind it.

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Personally, I'd be more interested to play 3, since that's one that didn't make it to the west. Then again, I've played 4.

I think the story in 4 is impressive, in the context that it's a SNES game from the early 90's. It doesn't hold up particularly well, but it's interesting to see.

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Why not just have him watch the Frieza fight on youtube? My favorite moment is halfway through, when Frieza shoots an energy blast at the planet and proclaims that in a mere five minutes, the planet will collapse. The fight, and the planet, last for another hour and forty minutes. The whole fight lasts for four hours and thirteen minutes! After four hours of fighting, Dan will know everything he needs to know about DBZ, and will not want to watch another minute of it.

DBZ is ridiculous. It ran for nearly 300 episodes, and probably should only have been half that, since there's so much filler, in every episode. Actually, that's my biggest complaint. Everything Goku and his friends do in DBZ take entirely too much time. How many hours do you really need to depict a fight between Goku and the bad guy? And why do you have to have everyone of Goku's friends throw a punch his way first? Picolo, Krillin, Vegeta and/or Gohan always fight the bad guy until Goku arrive, get their ass kicked, and in more than one occasion, they die.

Of the three series, DBZ is the worst one, far worse than the original. There's much better anime around for Dan to watch, than Dragon Ball Z.

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@magus213: I still prefer Metal Gear Scanlon 3: Snake Beater

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I agree with some of your points. At the same time, I think you're wrong to say this problem is more prevalent in games than other media. If you look at Hollywood, 90% of big blockbusters have male protagonists, and women are romantic interests with little character development. Whenever there's a superhero who also happens to be a woman, she's always part of a team(Black Widow, Susan Storm, X-Men) where she supports the male hero.

I think women are more common protagonists in games than they are movies, partly because many games lets you pick gender. At the same time, the ratio of male to female protagonists is in story-based games still lean heavily towards male. As for objectifying women, I see the same problem in other media, particularly movies and comic books.

One thing to consider is that games aren't quite at the quality level of a movie and novels. As games progress, hopefully they will get better writers, to tell better stories, and have better roles for women.

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Yeah, Smoke was definitely one of my favorites in MK9, so I'd like to see him back.

As for Skarlet, she's a joke, and I mean that literally. She was supposedly a super secret palette-swap of Kitana in MK2, like Ermac in MK. Except, as far as I can tell anyway, there was no way to get a red Kitana in the base game. If the roster in MKX is huge, she has a decent chance of making it, but I think it'll probably be smaller than MK9's.

I've been a Scorpion fan since my first encounter with Mortal Kombat(specifically UMK3 for SNES) and compulsively clear the ladder with him first, first time I play a new game. Only problem with Scorpion is his renown, as pretty much everyone knows all his moves. I also played a lot of Smoke in MK9, because he's kinda tricky, and Ermac because he's a kombo-monster.

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The quick look sold me on the game. My first imported Japanese game. I guess I'll be waiting a while on it though. It said sometime between January 30th and February 23rd.

Edit: Changed my shipping to expedited. Now I should be getting within two weeks.

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I voted Sony because of No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4(which will be my first Uncharted game), MGSV(I know it's not an exclusive), The Witness, and a bunch of third party games. That being said, I probably would've voted PC if it were an option. PC has lots of great exclusives and it usually plays third party games better than the consoles.

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Year One - 1/5

Year One wasn't funny, or had anything particularly interesting to say about religion or the bible. Yes, human sacrifice as an idea is absurd. Yes, the old testament is fertile ground for satire. Yes, Jack Black should theoretically be funny. This movie does nothing with any of it's ideas. The fact that this movie can have Hank Azaria talk about genital mutilation extensively, without a single laugh, is just sad. In fact, this movie is filled to the brim with people who are usually funny, who now can't land a joke to save their life. Even the gag reel at the end of the credits is completely devoid of laughter.

The saddest thing about Year One is that this 2009 anti-comedy was the final cinematic contribution from Harold Ramis, who directed, wrote, produced, and played Adam in a scene that in any other movie would be particularly unfunny, but is par for the course in this one. For a man as funny as Ramis to go out on such a dud, is so sad it's not even funny.

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To quote the Joker: "If you're good at something, never do it for free." If they're good enough to draw people to their work, then why not. If making money with ads, with commissioned work or exhibitions makes most sense, I don't know. I'd prefer art to be available to as many people as possible.