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So you think that being a decent and respectful human being isn't a priority? Sure, lots of people might not be offended by it, but it's probably better to not test it, than to be potentially kicked out for wearing something offensive. Besides, you should know better than to wear a shirt that says FUCK in public. If you don't, then you should probably go outside more often.

Word certainly have power, but it's all within context. I'm really tired of people not getting it's all about the context. The context of this shirt is a joke, and the joke is so obvious, it's smacks you right in the face. Now, if I went on an angry rant against a person, then printed a t-shirt saying "fuck *person*", that's a different context. I may start typing random words, and because there's no context, it doesn't have any meaning.

As for respect, you're supposed to earn it. Most people who shout about respect are really shouting about acceptance. As for your last argument, I could just as easily turn it around and say if you're offended by "fuck", you should get out more. If a word, however foul you perceive it to be, directed at a third party you're not at all familiar with offends you, you should take a step back and think.

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So... You're all worried about kids seeing this? I'm sorry, but PAX have public demos of violent games, an entire section devoted to table tops that by some is considered instruments of Satan, and you're worried some kids might see the word "fuck". *gasp*

Where are your priorities? Of all the swears you could say, it's the only one, in context of the word's literal meaning, that's actually beautiful. It's not like you're comparing him to fecal matter or hope he has a terrible afterlife.

As for the inappropriateness in relation to Ryan, the people who will be "offended" are probably people who don't know, and at that point I'd ask, why are you offended?

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Well, part of it is how the brain works. It puts an emphasis on first experiences. You'll have more of these experiences when you are a child and games you play as a child will have a bigger impact. So, logically, the most memorable games would be games you play as a child, and if you play a lot of Japanese games in elementary school and middle school, you'll probably end up with a fondness for Japanese games. I guess I didn't really think in those terms. There are plenty of japanese games I liked (Final Fantasy, Tekken 3, Mega Man to name a few), but also western games (Tony Hawk, Half-Life, Diablo 2).

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New Street Fighter, which is very likely. I really grew fond of Street Fighter this generation in a way I wasn't before, to the point that I actually prefer it now to any other fighting game(and I like me some fighting games). That being said, if they announce SSFV a few months after SFV, I'll be really disappointed.... again.

New Mega Man, which isn't all that likely and probably won't be any good. Mega Man is my 8-bit hero. There's no game on the NES I enjoyed more than a Mega Man game(I think I played 5 the most), but they just haven't made a good Mega Man game since the first Mega Man X games that wasn't just a throwback to the NES era.

How about something new? DmC is cool and all, but I was never a big fan of DMC to begin with, and Resident Evil has morphed into one of the zombies it's trying to depict. I know Dragon's Dogma was new, but I was hoping for something different. I don't know what it should be, but Capcom probably has the second best catalog of games in the industry(after Nintendo), so an old gem might be more interesting than RE8.

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I guess I should prefice this by saying I'm not an american, but I follow american politics on a regular basis. I come from one of them "socialist" countries in Europe, so already I have invalidated my opinion to 95% of gun advocates. Still, I'd like to chime in.

Murder by firearms have been on average been a little over 10,000 per year the last few years in America. Last year it was 11,392. While the various school shootings and massacres are certainly deplorable and awful, they are only spikes in a gruesome social pattern. 11,000 gun homicides translates to more than 31 people shot dead every day, or roughly one Virginia Tech massacre every day. That's more gun related homicides a day than there are homicides of any kind in my country in a year(Of course, our population is about 2% the size of yours). While support for gun regulation was strong after Sandy Hook, the support has waned a bit, but there's still a clear majority for universal background checks, ban on high capacity magazines and assault weapons. Even a majority of NRA members support universal background checks(in fact, Wayne LaPierre supported universal background checks in the 90's... I guess something's changed).

Of course, with a high majority you'd think the politicians would push through a bill, but that's when the NRA come in. While far from the best funded lobby group, the NRA are very proficient with scare tactics and will launch ads against vocal gun control advocates. This is not only to remove the gun control advocate from office, but also send a message to other politicians. They also grade politicians on their votes and recently threatened that they'd give negative grades to politicians who wouldn't filibuster gun control legislation. The irony is that the NRA was founded on teaching gun safety, not giving dangerous individuals the right use them. The support of stand-your-ground laws are even more baffling, as it's esentially legalized murder.

I don't know what I really should say. It's a tragic spiral and I don't think it'll get better anytime soon, mostly because politicians won't do anything about it, if it's enforce current laws or pass new ones. They didn't when there was high school students getting shot, they didn't when there was college students getting shot, they didn't when it was first graders getting shot. They didn't even when one of their own got shot.

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Martian Manhunter seems to be the most requested and he's one of the core justice league members, so he makes a lot of sense. I think someone like Brainiac could be interesting. The only other Superman villain in the game is Lex and I think they'll continue with a half and half split between heroes and villains. I really don't like the idea of red hood, mostly because there are so many batman characters already, and he'd probably be pretty similar to Nightwing, except with a gun, so he'd also be pretty similar to Deathstroke(in appearence as well). Of course, realistically, I think Red Hood stands more of a chance than Brainiac. As for the last hero, they'll probably have at least one female character. Power Girl(or Supergirl...) gets tossed around a lot, as do Batgirl(please not another bat-character), Black Canary(her powers aren't very interesting though). I think Starfire would be an interesting choice, but they already have a few titans. I dunno, Power Girl seems more likely.

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@thatpinguino: I always thought FFVIII was the most overated in the series. None of the characters are appealing(and they're pretty shallow, or nonsensical), the story doesn't make any sense and it really tries too hard reusing elements from FFVII. Also, I think it's a strech to say FFVIII is a high watermark in rpg combat. The draw system emphazises using regular attacks as opposed to magic, skills or items. Also, a lot of your time will be spent on drawing, which isn't very much fun. Of the Final Fantasy games, I think FFX did combat the best.

Most jrpgs don't account for character positioning, they just stand facing each other and trade blows until one keels over. Sometimes there are ambush situations and enemies on both sides of you, but you can't really set up your characters for flanking, bottlenecks etc. I guess positioning has become a bigger factor in FFXII and FFXIII, but I don't feel like I can control it and I don't think it has much tactical advantage beyond evading some area attacks.

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It's the internet y'all. It's not always pretty, but it's open to everyone. At least thats my perspective on things, I can't really speak to Jeff's. I don't think he would've done Jar time if he didn't like the community.

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As someone who thought the first darksiders was the best game THQ published this generation, I was sad no one picked these guys up during the auction, but now it seems like they'll get a new home with Crytek. Hopefully, it'll pan out for them.

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i haven't seen Django yet, but I'd say Pulp Fiction is his best movie. It's certainly his most influencial movie. Half of Hollywood spent the rest of the 90's trying(and failing) to emulate the dialogue. I'd probably put Jackie Brown in second, but generally like all his movies.