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It seems like the 3DS has better games, while the Vita has a few nifty extras, like Plus and whatnot. 3DS and Vita seem to mirror what happened with DS and PSP, where the DS got games crafted for handhelds, while PSP got smaller ports of console games. Overall better playing, unique games (but limited in scope) vs. bigger, recognicable games (that played better on a console).
Not to throw a wrench into this whole thing, but you can get a DS for a song now and there are plenty of excellent game for it(and a lot of not excellent games).

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I think the key differential is intelligence. Zombies are "mindless" undead, while I think Mummies are often intelligent. I also think Mummies are tougher and don't fall apart as easily.

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For the pittance you can get DA2 for these days, it's worth it. However, Origins is a better game and if the choice was between the two, I'd take Origins in a heartbeat.

To be fair, I'll say I like the combat in DA2 better, and I think it handled leveling/abilities better too. But I thought the best thing about Origins was the scope of the story, an epic scope that is completely missing from DA2. The characters are much better, though I think since Hawke has a voice, s/he's a more compelling protagonist than the Warden.

Origins is better and if you want an RPG that harkens back to the CRPGs of the late 90's, then play Origins. There are a few instances where the impact of your choices in Origins are shown in DA2, but it's never significant (some characters show up who might otherwise be dead, or people hail a different person as king, that sort of thing).

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I pre-ordered it in June, glad it's finally out. Only played about 5 minutes though.

On a side note, more people are playing CS and CS:S than CS:GO?

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Okay, full disclosure: Who preordered this for an "exclusive"(for how long I wonder) steam copy of Worms Armageddon? 
For the record, yes, I did.

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Oh man, had you connected it on monday you could've gotten Geometry Wars 2, Stacking and Limbo for $5, $5 and $7,50 respectively. Now they're back at $10, $15 and $15. I'd say buy a few games you want now and wait for other games to go on sale. Xbox live has some great games, but aside from periodic sales, they rarely drop in price.

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I played Skyrim yesterday, which I think is amazing, however I've played that game on and off for almost a year now. I don't think any of the games I've played since Skyrim's release, which includes Saints Row the Third, Rayman: Origins (I haven't played enough of it though) and Final Fantasy XIII, are amazing games. Actually, maybe FIFA 12 would qualify...

Of games from this generation, I'd say GTAIV, Dragon Age: Origins, Bastion, Batman Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect. I have to say, since it's been mentioned so often here, that I didn't like BioShock.

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@ManU_Fan10ne: The disparity between the teams in Premier League is so huge, it's hardly worth watching. You already know now, at the start of the season that the team that wins comes from Manchester, the other team from Manchester will come in second, and Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham will fight to finish in the top 5. While Barcelona or Real Madrid will take first, and the other second, there's more competition among the other teams in La Liga.

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Bombcast with 10 > bombcast with 4

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Either Dishonored or Hitman. I voted for Dishonored. XCOM is probably third.