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Actually, fighting Yoda with the apprentice can be pretty hard because of his short stature. The Apprentice doesn't have many low attacks as far as I can tell, only his force launcher and a few others. I found myself in an online game between the two and got beat... Guess that's what I get for being cocky and choosing a character I don't know how to play.

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Yeah, when I've been in laggy games, I've fallen prey to Astaroth's 1[A], B many times... The slow characters are fairly balanced in SCIV, Nightmare and Astaroth are powerhouses in the right hands.

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Maybe a little late to start now, but if you've already done most of the leg work.

I dunno about movelists. All characters have several dozen and I'm not sure how beneficial it is to the player when you can pause the game and check it yourself at any time in the game. Honors on the other hand could be useful, if you include how to get them too. ToLS Walkthrough is a given, a weapon and accessories list would be a good addition too.

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Not in any particular order, though Xianghua is my favorite.
Xianghua, Nightmare and Cervantes

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Kilik users tend to use some button combination involving vertical attacks. Just sidestep and tear them apart. When they start using horizontal, just block. Kilik isn't really that fast and he leaves himself open for punishment if you have a fast character.

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Hmm, interesting question... No, not at all. The Bombcast is pretty great right now.

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The original Akuma in SSF2T was to my recollection way cheaper than Jinpachi. By Tekken standards, yes. He is very cheap, but Tekken bosses are all kinda whimpy, none of them are particularly hard. And I think I've dodge the double fireball once, but I can't remember how/when. To be honest, I think most fighting games have much cheaper bosses than Tekken. Tekken usually have playable, balanced bosses, that usually don't pose much of a challange.

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I have three favorite moments and they're all Sephiroth related.

The first is obviously Aeris' death.

My second favorite moment is Sephiroth's descent to madness and the eventual burning of Nibelheim.

Lastly, the final fight with Sephiroth was very satisfying after 60+ hours of play.

Honorary mention of Cloud's crossdressing scene.