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Can't choose... I kinda like 'em all, but I suppose my favorites are Cloud and Aeris

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suneku said:

"WTF where's Wonder Woman... didn't they say she was going to be in it? If she isn't... it's kind of silly to leave out one of the big three from DC"

Sorry, my bad. She was confirmed earlier, forgot to add her.

The roster have been confirmed by Midway, looking for a link to the press release...

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I haven't played either, but seeing both, I have to say Big Rigs looks like "Winner" in this regard.

You can at the very least continue to play Superman after you complete the first level...

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The roster was leaked not too long ago(yesterday I think). I'll just put up the entire roster far all to see.

Liu Kang
Shang Tsung
Shao Kahn

Green Lantern
Lex Luthor
Shazam(Captain Marvel)
Wonder Woman(Forgot about her, sorry...)

I'll put my opinions out there first.

MK: It's a superb roster of MK characters. It's not perfect, they still lack Johnny Cage, Kung Lao would be fun to have, but overall it's a great roster. I could do without Kano, but I don't care that much.

DC: I can't really say it's any worse than the MK roster. Brainiac or Doomsday would've been better than Lex for a fighting game, but overall it's a great roster. Could've used a few more characters not from Batman or Superman though...

So, what do you think?

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If I can, I'll call mine Doug

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Might as well sign up.

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Haven't had my 360 for that long and though I like points, I don't love them.

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Yeah, but didn't Jeff also say that on the E3 Bombcast(day 3 or something). If nothing else, Jeff commented on how Flash's dash was executed the same way as Kabal's.

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Sir_Ragnarok said:

"alexl86 said:
In other words, Scorpion is the favorite of 20% of the fanbase and it makes no sense to write him out of the game. Same goes for Sub-Zero."
Haha.  Right, right.  I was just curious of the narrative behind his continued existence.

EDIT: Hey, quick question.  Would something as integral to the mythos as this conflict warrant its own wiki page?"

I doubt it. Though Scorpion's murder certainly changed him forever, they are only really enemies for three games, and one of them isn't very significant. The individual characters may warrant wiki pages, but I doubt the conflict does.

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It's a bad idea, but it's still totally awesome. I was very skeptical at first, but now that I've seen the game, I really like what they're doing with the game, not even thinking about the DC stuff. The story mode looks very interresting, the return to 2D fighting will be awesome and I really like most of the changes they've made. I'm even willing to get over the fact that it's rated T.

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Sir_Ragnarok said:
"Sub-Zero has always been my favorite character.

And, really, this whole debacle should have ended after Mortal Kombat 4, should it have?  I mean, what reason does Scorpion have to return from the Underworld?  His purpose -- kill he who murdered his family -- has been fulfilled. "

Quan Chi escaped from the Netherrealm in MKDA, with some help from two Oni. Scorpion followed, but was cast into Shang Tsung's Soulnado just before he caught up. In the soulnado, he was able to escape into a void and found himself in the presence on the Elder Gods and was named their Champion in exchange for the life of his clan.

In other words, Scorpion is the favorite of 20% of the fanbase and it makes no sense to write him out of the game. Same goes for Sub-Zero.