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 Tekken 6 will sell a lot on brand name alone, but since there's roughly twice as many 360's out there still, they'd at least be able to match the number of sales they'll get on the PS3, and MS would be able to keep Sony's unit number lower. That's the only way I see this coming to the 360, if MS puts out some money for it.

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I have no idea, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a four digit number. I played this game to death on the PC before my PC broke, now I've played through it almost as much on the 360. It's impossible to know for sure, I've completely deleted the saves once on my 360 to get a fresh start when I bought the expansion.

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For some insane reason, I still count Morrowind as my favorite Elder Scrolls game. KOTOR and NWN kinda tie with Morrowind.

Btw, I'm aware how irrational it is, Oblivion is a better game, I just like the spells, spellmaking and enchanting in Morrowind better... if only there'd been a way to travel more quickly.

As far as all RPGs go, I'll go with FFVII.

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hmm, I'm gonna say Fallout 3, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get Fable 2. I'm looking forward to both.

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I used Voldo a lot way back in Soul Blade, but after that... I guess I kinda used him more than the average character in SCII, but since I found him... unsafe. I probably went through all his moves in SCIII as I did with all characters back then, but I guess he just doesn't hold my interest anymore. I just went through his story mode in this game and since I haven't touched him. I still feel he is one of the best character to use if you want to play mind games and of the original fighters, his style is easily the most interresting.

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Ajnin_the_Conquerer said:
"alexl86 said:
"Let's see... I'd remove Starkiller, he's not significant enough to the SW universe yet to be a guest star and he sucks in the game.

Then I'd remove Algol. I'm okay with him being the final boss, but why did they make him playable? It's not like he's overpowered, but he was obviously meant to be.

Finally, I wouldn't remove Kilik, Cervantes, Mitsurugi or any of the "spammer" characters. Spamming is only a problem because of the lag. I wouldn't trade in any of the "clones" either, especially not the Original Soul Blade/Edge characters like Mitsurugi(the game needs a Katana wielding character), Cervantes(dualwielding pirate from hell, what's not to love?) or Seong Mi-Na(I still like her better than Kilik and she was in the first game).

No, I would remove Siegfried, which kinda contradicts what I said earlier. I would very much like to reunite Siegfried and Nightmare, because I really liked him in SCII."
Yeah, Nightmare in SCII was the best. Nightmare in SCIV was kinda crappy. But I still like the fact that Seigfried finally turned good again. Do you think they were planning from the start? Or did they just make things up as they went along?"

From a storyline perspective, turning good was probably a good move... but instead of having him turn good, they separated that part of his character from the evil part, probably because they didn't want to deal with the player outrage that would ensue if Nightmare was removed. Now, you have two characters who have kinda split SCII Nightmare's move set between them and added a few moves.

The story since the original Soul Blade has been pretty bad anyway.
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BombermanKiIIer said:
"Ajnin_the_Conquerer said:
"BombermanKiIIer said:
"alexl86 said:
"Killuminati said:
"She is pretty good but she can easily be beaten by characters like Siegfred, Kilik, Astaroth and Nightmare if you keep your distance."

An exceptionally skilled player with Sophitia is the closest thing you can get to unbeatable in the game. She's easily the highest tier character in the game, her damage and reach are much better than you'd think, she's fast and she's very hard to punish. She's not easily beaten by characters with a long reach, at least not if the player know how to use her."
Voldo destroys Sophitia. Best counterpick IMO"
Yeah well.. Voldo's a piece of crap.
Besides, Sophitia's groin kick would PWN him!!! LOL
Voldo's Blind Calisto Rush stance destroys Sophitia. Unblockable special lows ftw!"

Voldo is good for mind games, but he's not particularly fast, he doesn't do a whole lot of damage and he is not very safe. If you know how to fight him, you can take him apart.
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Tekken 3 was the best of the franchise, no arguments about it. The only thing I don't really like about it are the console exclusive characters.

Tekken Tag was little more than a cash in from Namco's part, it was basically just an updated version of Tekken 3 with bonus characters from 2. It's a launch game, it was just there to sell consoles.

Tekken 5 comes second, it featured the best aspects of Tekken up until that point, which meant they removed most of the stuff they added in Tekken 4 and included nearly 40 characters. Still, it's Tekken 3.5 made for a PS2.