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I barely touched the 360 version, so I can't really speak to the differences. I really like what I played so far. Sadly, the update that worked very well this morning doesn't work now and I can't get into the online.

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Yes, I think Final Fantasy VII is better than all the Final Fantasy games that follows, except maybe XII (two very controversial opinions indeed).

Final Fantasy VII seems very cliché because Square Enix still uses the same story elements for the games that follow FFVII. If VIII was made by someone else, Square could've sued for plagarism. At the same time, VII has story elements from VI too, like Amnesia.

I also think VII has the most compeling main character of the series, but if you look at his competition it's not like the series is flush with good protagonists. Squall is basically a rip off of Cloud, with all the moods and attitude of Cloud, but none of the story justifications for them. Tidus is just annoying throughout FFX and they pull his reason for being in it out of their ass at the end of the game. Even Vaan from XII, which I actually like, doesn't really have anything to do with the story. Terra from VI is one I don't have any objections. There's a reason why most people now say VI is their favorite.

That being said, I agree with the translation point, which applies to all Final Fantasy games before X. The translation is very apparent throughout the game. The most common complaint is about Barret, who looks like Mr. T with a canon for an arm and speaks like black stereotype. He's definitely the part of the game even back then that was objectional and is more so now. That being said, I like him better than Yuffie...

The graphics too are something of an eye-sore, like most early PS1 games are. The game changes between two looks for exploration, where the characters look like toy figures, and battle mode, which looks decent. From a pure technical perspective, it's probably the ugliest of the main series games. At the same time, it's has a certain style that makes up.

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Crank. It has some good action and Jason Statham is an oddly charismatic actor. The premise of the movie, and the action in it, is ridiculous, the plot and characters are utterly predictable and the scientific explanations (which are surprisingly frequent) offered range from questionable to lacking an understanding of basic biology.

Still, Crank doesn't promise scientific accuracy or deep characters. It promises ridiculous action, which it delivers in spades. It's all flash, with no substance.


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Because redirected me here in 2008.

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They went to Liverpool that one time. That's pretty far from San Francisco...

Oh, you meant planned. The end of The Matrix Online was upcoming for long time, wasn't it? Or was it end of Star Wars Galaxies?

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I'll probably pick up the PS4 version next week.

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Oh, I'm not sure. Most of the stuff I liked in 1999 wouldn't play very well today, and I don't think a new or HD remixed Crash Bandicoot would be as fun as I hope. I just think a new Syphon Filter would just go to show that Syphon Filter wasn't all that good to begin with. PS1 games, and early PS2 games were created in a time when camera and movement controls were awful. These games belong to an era that's ended, and I don't think dragging them back into the public eye will lead to anything special.

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Mine's two years old in two months, so maybe it's due for an upgrade or two. A faster CPU, perhaps.

Mobo: MSI B75

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It would be interesting to see them giving 5th edition a spin. I really like what I've read of the PHB so far and it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to create a character. Of course, the problem with 5th edition is that all the core books aren't out yet.

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KOTOR 3. After SWTOR i doubt BioWare are very keen on another Star Wars venture and Obsidian are busy with their kickstarter project (not that I think EA would consider working with Obsidian. As I understand it Disney pretty much handed Star Wars video game rights to EA). I'd still love to see a Star Wars RPG that has no affiliation with the established timeline in the movies. The first two KOTOR games did a great job of deconstructing Star Wars and on a whole were much more interesting than the movies from the same time.

I'd also want to see a sequel to Red Dead.