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Okay, here goes...

  • FF I: Not very heavy on the story, and there's a few annoyances that they fixed in later games. You can choose what characters to play from the start. It worth the 5/600 Wii Points on VC, if you have a Wii.
  • FF II/IV: More focused on story, you play as a knight. I find the Engrish in this game a little bothersome, but maybe they fixed that in the DS version. Again, if you got a Wii, this is 8/900 points on VC.
  • FF III/VI: Many consider this to be the best in the series, and I'm not gonna dispute them. Kefka is probably one of the best villains in video games. 8/900 points on VC.
  • FF VII: This is my personal favorite, and it's due for a new release on PC (probably this year). I like the characters, I like the world. VII is a change in the series as they went from 2D to 3D, they also changed a lot of the aestetic of the series.
  • FF VIII: I don't like it. None of the characters are appealing to me, the story is riddled with plot holes and drawing magic sucks. It looks a lot better than VII, but that's about the only good thing I have to say about it.
  • FF IX: Haven't played it. Many people say good things and it seems to be a call back to the games before VII.
  • FF X: I don't know about X. I don't like most of the characters and the story makes sense only as long as you don't question things. Character progression also makes character individuality non-existent. It has a good combat system though, and if you find it in the bargain bin, it's not a bad game.
  • FF XII: I like this more than X, mostly because the story is better, as are the characters in your party. The only problem with this game is that your character's involvement in the plot is pretty superficial.
  • FF XIII: I bought it and then my Xbox broke, so I've probably haven't played more than 3 hours of it. From what I hear, this game is 75% tutorial and that's certainly true from the three hours I've played.

I know a lot of people disagree with me on VIII and X (I like X, but I don't think it's as good as other games in the series).

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It's only the biggest thing to happen in video games last year. Multiple game of the year awards. Sold 3,4 million in 2 days.
Seriously though, you're plunged into a huge world, you pick a race at the start of the game and you level up by using skills. The game starts you on a quest, but you can completely abandon that when you're done with the tutorial. You're free to go where you please, you'll run into different characters, do various quests and discover new locations.

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One game is gonna last me the rest of my life? I can have multiplayer, even online multiplayer, but such activities attract attention. I have a few games swirling around in my head...

1. Single-player open world games: Games like Skyrim, Fallout and GTA have the potential for 50+ hours of play, and the first two have meaningful content the second or even third time around, while GTA has multiplayer (though not particularly good multiplayer). Advantage is that it doesn't require an active connection or more people unless you play the multiplayer mode.

2. Multi-player focused games: Games like CoD, Halo, WoW, FIFA, Starcraft etc. have potential for nearly infinite playtime, but mostly requires a constant connection to be played as single-player is limited, or none existing(FIFA has a lot of single-player content if you don't mind playing against AI).

3. Tetris: Just Tetris. Tetris is simple, intuitive, it can be played competitively, you can arrange tournaments and it's timeless. At it's core, Tetris is flawless.

So, Tetris.

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Final tally: € 127,36
Games bought:

That is all.

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I say THPS2. 3 certainly looks better than 2, but 3 is pretty much 2 with the reverts, so you can have vert tricks in your combos. Also, Spider-Man is better than Wolverine and Darth Maul combined...
That said, 4 and THUG 2 are also pretty good. I remember being relieved the time limit was gone so I didn't have to start the whole level over after collecting S-K-A-T. I think THUG2 is the one that brought back classic mode, where you could basically play through the levels with a 2 minute time limit (in addition to the story mode), so you could have it both ways.

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I played the demo to BioShock and really didn't like it, but after a few months I decided to give the proper game a chance and I really didn't like it. So I threw it in a drawer and forgot I even had it. I heard enough people praising it in the following months, so I decided to give it another go, finished it and now I never want to play that game again.
However, I really want to play infinite when that comes out.

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@alexl86 said:

FFVIII: I really don't like it. None of the characters are likable, the battle system is a step back from VII (drawing magic is a sick joke) and after Kefka and Sephiroth, Ultimecia is a pretty weak villain.

What's so interesting about likable characters? Squall is one of Final Fantasy's greatest protagonists because he starts out as a complete asshole and actually grows as a person as the story progresses. Other characters also have similar growth. FF8 has some of the best character arcs FF has written and that includes Ultimecia. The assassination attempt on Ultimecia is one of the greatest scenes in FF and made her one FF's more menacing villains.

Likable, as in I would've liked them if they actually progressed. Squall is an asshole, but he's also the most emo character to ever be included in a Final Fantasy game, and for no real reason. Compared to Cloud in VII, Squall's character progression is pretty minimal. It's almost as if they took elements of Cloud, only they exaggerate his "issues" to the point that he can't progress past them, and they don't make much sense without a past like Cloud's. I think most of the elements they borrow from VII fall flat. Plus the gunblade is absolutely ridiculous.
Except it's not Ultimecia. Ultimecia is not there at all. The sorceress is being controlled by Ultimecia (like how Sephiroth controlled Jenova in VII), but it's not really her. In fact, Ultimecia doesn't show up until the last hours of the game, when you actually go back in time... and it's the stupidest moment in the series. It's as if a lunatic wrote it, because none of what she's trying to do makes a lick of sense (and I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant that way). She's compressing time, so time loops back on itself and somehow this makes her omnipotent...
I think VIII would've been a much better game if it didn't take so many cues from VII.
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The thing to keep in mind is that VII represents a huge shift in art style and storytelling for the franchise. I through VI have a different feel from VII onward. Also, each individual game has a different story in a different world (mostly). I'll just write down some of my thoughts on all the games, since people seem to try to persuade you into VIII as well. 
A thing to keep in mind for Wii owners, the first three games(unaltered, it seems) released in the US is available for Virtual Console for 500 or 800 (900 in Europe) Wii Poiins
FF: Your characters are completely blank slates, and attacking the darkness is annoying, but it's fun for 5 dollars(if you have a Wii at least)
FFIV: It's definitely impactful, I just think the "Engrish" stands out more in this game than the others. I guess the DS version has fixed some translations.
FFVI: This is often competing with FFVII as the best in the series, and it's easy to see why. I personally prefer VII though, but mostly due to nostalgia.
FFVIII: I really don't like it. None of the characters are likable, the battle system is a step back from VII (drawing magic is a sick joke) and after Kefka and Sephiroth, Ultimecia is a pretty weak villain.
FFIX: Never actually played it, it's touted as a return to the older Final Fantasy games. Don't know much about except it didn't sell as well as the other PS1 era games.
FFX: I don't know... I really like the battle system, but every character in your party is insufferable(except Auron). Also, I think Yuna would've made a better protagonist, as Tidus has barely anything to do with the plot at all.
FFXII: I like this more than most. The story is interesting, the world is interesting, most of the characters are well made. Again, main character Vaan has barely anything to do with the plot...
FFXIII: Haven't played enough to give an opinion. 30+ hour tutorial and more inspired by FFVII I guess would be the takeaways when considering.

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My top 3 is constantly changing. Once upon a time it was FFVII, Oblivion and Mega Man 3. Then GTAIV found it's way there for a time. I'm still not really sure about third place, but I guess I have to make a decision.

  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - I'm not really sure what else to say. Oblivion would've held this spot if not for Skyrim, but Skyrim is too good.
  2. Super Mario World - I never owned this game as a kid, but I played it a lot at my cousins' house. I bought the Virtual Console version and just in terms of gameplay, I think this is the best 2D platformer ever made.
  3. Tekken 3 - When I got my PS1, the very first thing I played was the Tekken 3 demo that came with it, and I played it for hours. The demo only featured Xiayou and Eddy, but I played that demo more than I played the actual full games I got. I got Tekken 3 a few months later and I got up 4 am the next day and played it nonstop until noon.

Other candidates for third place were: Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy (insert number here), Diablo II, NWN2... Wow, I play a lot of RPGs..., uhm, FIFA 99(which is probably not as good as I remember), Gran Turismo 2, Forza 2, Mega Man 3, GTAIV, LoZ: Link to the Past, and a bunch of other games.

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Anyway you look at it, Metal Man is the right answer.
Metal Man is weak (and the only one who's weak) to your mega buster, to his own weapon, but none of the other robot master weapons. Metal Man's weapon is the weakness of three other robot masters (Bubble, Flash, Wood). Metal Man's weapon uses very little energy, meaning you can actually use this as a replacement for your mega buster(deals more damage, can fire directional shots). Metal Man's weapon is probably the most overpowered weapon in the Mega Man series as a whole due to it's practically unlimited use(really, you can pretty much whip this out at the start of a stage and through periodic energy pick-ups still have nearly full energy when facing the boss).
Edit: Correction, after looking it up, Metal Man is weak to Quick Man's weapon... not that it makes Quick Man preferable.