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While the events of both games have widespread effects on the world, the story of the first Dragon Age is epic, is set in a large country and is a throwback to older BioWare RPGs(which was pretty much the promise the game was made on). The story of the second Dragon Age is around a political struggle, is set in largeish city and it's surroundings(and you'll see the same areas a lot) and is much more like a Mass Effect than a traditional BioWare RPG.

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Oh great, it's 2005 again.

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I remember playing Athens 2004 with four player with some friends. In the middle of a 200 meter sprint the announcer yelled at the top of his lungs "Switzerland!", and we would laugh our asses off because Switzerland was in 5th place. Sports games like that are almost universally aweful, but can still be a lot of fun in multiplayer.

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Mass Effect on the 360 is quite bad. That framerate is horrible to play with, but the underlying gameplay isn't awful, just that version was a chore to play at times.

Eh, wha... There's a profound difference between the frame rate chugging (it's not the worst offender by far) and some texture pop-in (maybe the worst in this respect) in what is one of the best games of 2007, and a game that is so bad it's good.

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I've bought Portal 2, Braid, Orcs Must Die, Rock of Ages, Solar 2, All seasons of Sam & Max, Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Star Wars: Battlefront, SW: Republic Commando, SW: Empire at War, SW: Jedi Knight Collection, KOTOR and all the Total War games.

The only purchase I wasn't really happy with was the Jedi Knight Collection, because JK2 and 3 don't work.

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As weird as it may sound, VVVVVV(last of 2011) and Super Meat Boy(first of 2011).

I reinstalled VVVVVV recently and I thought I'd try getting that steam gift pile thing for Super Meat Boy, but that thing was hard. Since I've played a few hours of Shogun 2.

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So far, I've gotten a -25% Valve coupon, -33% Valve coupon and a -25% Sega coupon. I also got 7 coals which I turned in another -25% Valve coupon(yes, I have two).

Normally discounts would be great, except I own Half-Life, Half-Life 2, CS:S, The Orange Box and Portal 2, and Left 4 Dead does nothing for me. The only Sega property I really care about is Total War, but I bought every Total War game on Steam during the sales. Now all I have left is 4 useless coupons...

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I think there's something to be said for a violent revolution, just not in a western country.

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I've got to level 50 with my Altmer Mage before starting over with a different look (I guess vanity got the better of me, I really didn't like how he looked when not wearing a hood). I was around level 25 when I hit the 30 hour mark. Five hours later I was level 40. I found a place where I could stand and kill mammoths, but they couldn't reach me, and leveled my destruction magic, while also using other spells that only level while in combat. There are lots of ways to "cheat" the system. I'd argue that you are training and should get better, even if you're not doing so in "safer" situation than you'd normally.

If you don't mind doing that kind of stuff, you can get to level 50 in a 12-15 hours... Of course, you can get the Oghma Infinium in 5 hours or less, and get to level 81.

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I know I should be hung for saying this, but I didn't like BioShock until the last hour or so, and even then I really didn't like playing it, but I got wrapped up in the story(though it took me a long, long time getting there).

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There is a mathematical formula for calculating damage and armor, and it takes into account your skill. You get 0,4% more armor for every skill point, and do 0,5% more damage. Magic skills work a little different, they don't deal more damage, but reduce the magicka cost of spells instead. You also need to reach a certain milestone to get access to more advanced spells from that school, so you can't get access to high level magic without skilling up.