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I noticed it reviewed really well on Gamespot, just wish I had a PS4 to check it out.

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Here's an xbox 1 code, the ? is the last letter of the alphabet.


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We are a man down but we must continue.

perfectly said duder

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rest in peace duder :'(

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steam just sent me a truckload of Dota 2 keys, PM me on the site if you want one

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This may be one of those sites that really hits the nostalgia bone in a tasteful way. From what I can tell a Polish website by the name of "Hipopolam" has taken many of the Game & Watch style handhelds and presented them in a way that you can really appreciate artwork and design of the device itself. It's kinda dumb but kinda great at the same time, I thoroughly recommend anyone have a browse who wants to jump back a few decades in LCD technology.

I'm off to play Pirate 777

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I work a great deal with audio, if anyone wants to float ideas for sound design or even game music, send me a PM on the site.

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I've had an issue for a few weeks now with the Giant Bomb mobile site. It refuses to load on my iPhone 5 in both safari or chrome. All that loads is the top banner with the giant bomb logo, and the search icon to the right and the menu icon to the left. Would anyone know how to go about fixing this?

Thankfully I've been able to use the GiantBomb video buddy app in the meantime so it hasn't affected me that much, but it sucks I can't browse the forums or read news when I'm on the move.