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Gunning someone down with an uzi as you grind down a flight of stairs would be a cool concept. Unfortunately this just sounds like Mario Kart stuff tacked on

Isn't that basically just Stranglehold though?

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For whatever reason, here in Aus, the game pricing on digital on consoles is ridiculous.

Case in point: The Witcher 3

I will be able to buy a physical copy, in store, for $79 (that's standard new release price here)

On the digital store it is :$109.95. That's just for the standard edition.

All games are like that on the Aus Xbox store (PS store is similar)

Plus you have to use all of your data allocation to download the games.

I really wish they would fix this huge issue - Steam is much more reasonable, but is similarly ridiculous with the release of AAA titles - in those cases I get the cheaper physical console copy.

I'd like to buy games digitally, but it is much cheaper to get the physical copy (which makes absolutely no sense, other than the fact that people must be buying them digitally at these stupid prices in reasonable enough numbers to justify them doing it)

Whilst that's still a shitty price you're being charged, all big publisher games here in the UK seem to be between £60 and £70, which translates to between AU$120 and AU$140, so it's not all bad, I guess. Plus everyone in Aus gets incredible wages it's fine haha.

Aka Ebay or Amazon :D

But yeah, it's ridiculous. No idea why publishers decide to charge such a ridiculously high amount for digital games on console.

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am I the only one who misses Dave a lot around here? no mention in the OP.

Nah man I do. Dave, Vinny, and Drew were the perfect combination and that was what I was subscribed to the site for. It's a shame, but it's the way it is sometimes.

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Fried, then omelettes, then scrambled.

Fried eggs are really fucking good in a fry-up or in a bacon and egg sandwich, omelettes are great cause you can put all kinds of stuff in them and they're still great, and scrambled eggs are good on toast or something.

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Songs for the Deaf was the only one I ever liked or listened to much really, haven't listened to it in years though.

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Maybe its just the way boxing is these days but, for the last superfight, its not really making the ripples it should be making in Britain. Maybe because these events now get hijacked by satellite and cable but I just wish the hype was being felt over here.

Yeah, it must depend on your provider. We have Sky TV and the hype for the match is constant and unmissable. I turned on the Sky PS4 app yesterday and the entire dashboard was full of various different hype shows.

They have to bombard you with ads else how else will you eventually give in and give them £20 to watch it. £20 for single match of boxing.............

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I have a bit of a nagging fear that this is going to tank. It's targeting the middle of nowhere-ness (some narrow void between the raft of hardcore simulations and more 'approachable' racing replicators currently available that have well-established userbases) and seemingly doing nothing extraordinary (dynamic weather is the exception, however that's more of a novelty, and furthermore, doesn't look especially great, graphically-speaking*]. It's making a belated entrance into a crowded marketplace. I hope it impresses me somewhere down the line, but it's not an attractive proposition right now.

*Compared to, say, Drive Club.

Is this a joke?

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You guys do realise it means multiplayer bans right? They can't just ban you from using your account. You'd be banned from playing that game online, much like a VAC ban.

It's not the entire account, but they can outright ban offline play of their game as well.

No they can't. Multiplayer stuff.

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You guys do realise it means multiplayer bans right? They can't just ban you from using your account. You'd be banned from playing that game online, much like a VAC ban.