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The last three things played on my phone were Beastmilk, Kavinsky, and Babylon Whores.

That seems like a good way of doing this. The last 5 artists I listened to were f(x),, Protest the Hero, Death Grips, and Meet Me in St.Louis. I guess that's a pretty decent snapshot of my current listening habits.

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Both are overpriced tosh, but Steelseries are at least a bit better quality. If at all possible, you should try out as many mice/keyboards you can until you find one that you prefer, but if not, I guess I recommend Logitech for your mouse (g500 specifically) and something like Zowie or Ducky for a keyboard. Personally I use a MS Sidewinder X4.

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Realistically I guess it's my PC, but man, that 100 pack of 1C games I bought from Gamersgate was pretty fuckin' great. 20p a game for a tonne of not very good Russian games with some pretty damn good Russian games sprinkled in. Definitely worth.

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I guess they just hate money.

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@rowr said:

I dunno i'm getting the impression there was some sort of forum drama regarding ryan or something - I missed it all. Just judging from some status's and jeffs letter on the front of the site. Also there is a bunch of silly threads regarding GBey off topic threads regarding things like condiments, that's usually something that crops up to lessen tensions in forums after drama.

So i'm guessing your thread was probably a victim of heightened mod tension.

I'm sort of unclear whether we are supposed to read between the lines regarding jeffs open letter in terms of expectations in these forums. Maybe they are moving towards some sort of lower tolerance in moderation or something. That might be bad for me because I swear a fucking shitload.

That letter seems to be more just Jeff covering his own ass regarding supposed members of his website's community verbally abusing some people who said dumb shit about GB. I'm sure 95% of the community didn't even know what any of that stuff was until him and Patrick started tweeting about it.

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I do definitely think GB needs more mods, try coming to the site at 'off-peak' hours and the forums are absolutely full of awful spam topics, same on Sundays (is Sunday off-peak?) I don't really think having more mods will stop this specific problem of jackasses being dicks though.

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Probably the Xbox 360 I bought for £100 to play Fable 2 and Mass Effect 2. I ended up getting bored of Fable early on and Mass Effect 2 had a PS3 release just after I started playing it. Then I built a PC anyway and could have played it on there. Ohwell.

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Pretty sure most US industries and businesses use Metric anyway, but hey, USA KNOWS BEST.

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The fact that people would be saddened by them hiring 2 white fellows because they're white is no different to being saddened by then hiring women because women.

If you want equality then you want equality, not equality for a specific subsection of people (Ie not equality at all).

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Aren't they basically the same thing, apart from one is a real human being and one isn't? Neither write their music, both are just autotuned voices that could belong to anyone, both are just images used to make money. The only differing thing is Bieber is enjoyed by millions and millions of teenage girls all over the world whilst Miku is enjoyed by millions (?) of Japanese teenage girls and some gross nerds on the internet.

Good job on generalizing an entire fan base while you know being on a video game website forums. And yes, that is the entire argument. Both are just vessels for the music however one is a human being that the fame and stardom can eventually wear them down. While miku's pop stardom doesn't affect anyone because she is not human. And I think its a decent conversation to have considering all of the 14-16 yo boys and girls that get put into the music industry grinder and come out total trainwrecks on the other side.

Regarding what you bolded, you never see anyone not totally enamoured by her(it?) on the internet. No-one is ever like, yeah it's alright. It's always 110% shouting from the rooftops or defending her. It's weird, dude.

Regarding everything else, I think a lot of people like to see a bit of humanity in those they see on the TV etc. If everyone's just a robot then people will soon become bored; it's personality that keeps people interested. The one thing about Bieber I can appreciate is the fact that that one time when that dickhead in London was giving him grief as he tried to get in his car he stood up to him. Yeah sure maybe it'd be better for his global popstar image if he ignored it and carried on with his life, but he didn't, he stood up for himself even though this guy was like 3 times his size. That's the human aspect that a computer generated hologram whatever can't have.