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There's an awful lot of pathetic generalising in this thread, which is ironic when it's from someone who is supposedly against that kind of thing.

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I don't use any of that stuff, if a game has good sound design you don't need it. CS is testament to that.

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Outside of Africa it will be just like the recent 'outbreaks' of swine and bird flu; I.E. more people will die from the regular flu than it.

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When they're super cheap maybe. Like super super cheap.

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Yeah its not running very well on my AMD Radeon 6670. Disappointing.

That's barely a gaming GPU, not sure why you're surprised.

At least if this really does run at super widescreen (2.35:1) the FOV won't be horrendous like it normally is with console ports.

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Google only really got this from vampires and Eric Balfour (other than Buffy)

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I don't mind the personal politics in reviews/articles at all, that's kinda the point of writing about stuff. What I do care about is when the person writing is hypocritical or sensationalist. I don't want to be told I'm a piece of shit misogynist just because I'm not offended to my core by something, or my opinion being irrelevant because I'm one of these straight, white males - as if that's a bad thing? For these reasons I've never taken Arthur Gies or Anita Sarkeesian seriously.

Another reason I don't take the latter seriously.

flagrant use of the male gaze.

Wtf does that mean? Is she implying a male's gaze is inherently sexual? Is that not a sexist thing to say?

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  1. Role-playing/character accounts: Be yourself; don’t pretend to be Master Chief or anything like that.

I'm glad this is a thing.

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I've watched through multiple series of bad Korean 'reality' shows and whatever the hell Invincible Youth was. Were they good? No, although you can probably argue IY was at least decent. Did I enjoy them? I think so?