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Much like 8 was to 7, it looks like 10 is just a faster version of 8, so yeah probably, seems dumb not to.

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@bceagles128: I think the problem here is how you're looking at it. There's 3 endings right, and I believe you need to hit 2/4 certain things for two of the endings, with whether you went to see Emhyr changing those two, and then if you don't do 2/4 you get a third ending. The condition for Ciri surviving is that she believes in herself, Geralt acting in a way that let's her be comfortable and believe in herself are the choices you make. It has nothing to do with acting like an adult or whatever you seem to think, it's that you stood by her. Hell, one of the choices is if you go bury that dude, you show you care, and that you're willing to help her, to be with her through her harder times. That's what it's about.

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A lot of it is so subtle you don't actually realise you've made a difference to the way things will pan out, especially as it's very rarely immediate either.

@bceagles128: When I went back and looked at what could have happened, I think it's actually handled very well. The dialogue choices you're referencing pretty much come down to you giving Ciri the belief in herself to win. The snowball fight cheers her up, when you smash the place up in the elf house calms her down, and whether or not you take her to see Emhyr means she either learns that she can become empress or not. It all makes sense to me.

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Whichever of those decades had the best queen songs in.

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My parents never forced any religion on me as a child and allowed me to discover all that stuff by myself as I grew up, and as such I don't follow any religion nor do I believe in any form of God, and I live life by my own set of morals/rules/guidelines.

Whilst I don't necessarily care what other people believe, I will absolutely judge them, and to an extent be unable to trust them, if they put their faith into a mystical spirit instead of themselves and those around them, and other such ridiculous ideas, eg world being ~2000 years old, created in 7 days, Adam eve etcetera. Thankfully those kind of religious people seem to be getting fewer and fewer.

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You already sound pretty set on getting the Xbox so just get the Xbox and have some fun dude.

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Depends on the game? With the Pokemon games after Silver/Gold, when you 'finished the game' you unlocked a load more stuff, that was great. But honestly, with most games these days once I've finished it I doubt I'll be playing it again anyway so post game unlocks aren't something I'm bothered about.

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New Vegas is my favourite game on that list but it's not a Beth game so Oblivion.

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@cloudymusic: from what I gathered - or possibly self dictated - pretty much everything in this game is a parody of anime and jrpg tropes. And even if that isn't what the developers intended, it worked pretty well like it, lol.

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@khann: EVGA is the definitely the best. I didn't know people actually trusted MSI.

Exactly lol. All the cards I've had (660, 770, 980) have been EVGA superclocked ones and they've been the best for me.

Can't agree. I have used all three before, MSI never let me down until the most recent hardware level. EVGA has always been fairly average. Again they aren't "bad" but I don't see them as anything like "the best". If such a thing can even be proven in todays pc market anyway.

I'm pretty sure EVGA is regarded by most hardware enthusiasts as one of the top 3, if not the best, Nvidia OEM. It's fine that you don't care much for them, but they're definitely regarded highly by most.