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Questioning why the photos even exist takes away some blame for the hacker and puts it onto the victim. That's how that works.

Why can't someone be even a little 'blamed' for doing something dumb?

Because people should have the right to have whatever private photos of themselves they like without some scumbag sharing them with the world. There's nothing dumb about it.

Now lock this fucking thread.

There's definitely something dumb about it when you know full well this kind of thing can happen. Now that doesn't make it anyone's fault but the 'hacker' but it's still true.

I will agree with your 2nd point though. Needs more flags.

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I honestly couldn't imagine doing any real work or anything even slightly productive on such a small screen, so I guess that tips my vote towards the 15 inch one?

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Tbf to you, a lot of the 'typical' black metal is pretty ass. Stuff like Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir, whilst funny to see, ain't good. Early Emperor was alright, but Wolves in the Throne Room are pretty much the only black metal I can really say I am a fan of. Watching those guys play by candlelight is pretty special.

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I think I've played Divinity and Wolfenstein this year, that's about all. So those two.

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@jarmahead: You should get an avatar so I don't instantly skim past your posts like I do usually when I see the stock image. Regardless of my, or anyone's, stance on this whole thing, that's a well written post and it'd be a shame to miss more of them.

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I can't tell who is dumber here, the dude who rang the cops or the cops themselves, holy fuck.

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I used to use my Nexus 7 for reading news and watching streams, but now I just use my phone cause there's not much difference.

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Female Monk.. that Russian accent ;3 is so smexy. also fists of fury..

I don't think it's supposed to be Russian. Sounds more like the bad attempts for Swedish accents in Skyrim. Either way, same class for me.

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@edsone: maybe it was just the xbox version that had that bad cover here in the UK, but I definitely have only ever seen the top one.

Yep I just checked the ps2 version here is definitely the top image you posted.

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All I know is that Witcher universe 'moba' is as far away from a moba whilst still being an arpg as possible.