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I think I've unfollowed most of them already, but Vinny is pretty good. Drew is the best for tweets about actual stuff though.

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Something tells me you've got yourself some adware

No I got the exact same thing happen to me, and I can assure you this PC is clean.

Paging @rorie and @edgework and @jslack

E: I gonna go out and say this ad won't affect Americans - you guys don't even have the show on Netflix yet right? - so I don't know if any of you will be able to duplicate it.

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I agree with you on all of those.

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@ll_exile_ll said:

I love how some super religious people think freedom means being free to deny the freedoms of others. They only care about freedom if it's their own.

I'm really confused right now. Are you saying that the freedom to deny someone else's freedom, is only freedom when it's the other person's freedom that's being denied? Can someone please explain to me how exactly freedom works?

Well in the US freedom works if you're rich and white you get to do and say whatever you want. If you're not rich and white you're out of luck.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it op. I really wanted to enjoy it, but there were so many issues with I just couldn't. Severe tonal issues, gameplay that felt rushed and unnecessary, pacing issues, and I always found the interrogation sequences weirdly inconsistent especially as it decided whether questions were correct or not, which I feel is possibly the worst way that could be handled. At the time I felt a sequel would massively improve on it and would be a properly good game but I doubt a sequel will ever happen.

@the_tribunal: I would rather play LA Noire than GTA 5, 4, trudge through Mexico again, or shoot my way through Brazil. LA Noire is the best Rockstar game from last gen. Now that doesn't mean I'm right in terms of the masses, doesn't mean its the best game from last gen, just the best Rockstar game. And yeah the last desk sucked ass and the flamethrower part sucked, but every Rockstar game has something that is extremely annoying and awful.

So when you say best, you mean your favourite.

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The last film I watched was A Girl At My Door and I really enjoyed it, despite it being bleak as fuck and about things like alcoholism, parent-child abuse, and small-town bigotry. Both main actresses put on incredible performances - and also both worked for free due to the super low budget of the film - as was admittedly expected as they're both great actresses. I give it a 9/10

CHAPPiE! I have seen it twice now in theaters and liked it very much. I also liked District 9 and like CHAPPiE even better. It is about a robot who gets human thought and feelings. It has action and comedy. It is rated R and has some language and violence. Even though Yolandi Visser and Ninja from Die Antwoord are in it and are not professional actors, I thought they did a good job

To be fair to them, they kind of are professional actors. Yolandi and Ninja are just characters they both play, having both played different characters in different groups in the past.

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I played in quite a few of the pc ones actually, which is silly considering they started at midnight for me :/

Me and @zagzagovich starred in the Farming Simulator quick look too, that was fun.

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Jeff being a tired, bored dude is kinda why I stopped really watching stuff, so I feel I probably agree with you dude. Even if I didn't, your first post is well written so you're cool either way.

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Yeah games with terrible FOV roughs me up something special. Borderlands especially was truly terrible in that regard.

E: Or well, I guess it's not technically motion sickness, it's more they mess they head up.

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@hayt: So I googled trilby to find out the difference and other than not being able to tell the difference between the images of trilbys and those images you posted I found this and thought it was somewhat ironic.

GB got famous on this totally real magazine cover. :/