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2 things. First, 720 native and 1080 native definitely don't look the same, the difference is fairly noticable, and secondly, those plasma TVs definitely aren't 1024*768 as that's a 4:3 aspect ratio and they're 16:9.

Other than that, go with whichever one is on offer I guess. We have one of those silly Sony smart TVs and the picture on it is pretty great, and it didn't cost that much.

E: Also I can't work out what currency this is, I assume South African rand? And if so, holy fuck TVs are expensive.

E2: Nevermind I finally found something, Rupees. TVs are about normal price lol.

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I guess GTA, Tony Hawk until they got to the PS3, and Skate.

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@somedelicook: I really wish I was Russian so I could have played it in its original language, cause yeah, the English va is so horrendous, but at the same time kinda adds to the experience.

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At least if Scotland does leave hopefully people will stop referring to anyone from the UK as 'British'. LOL JK that won't ever happen.

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I know of only a single other person who has even heard of You Are Empty, so I guess that counts. Also the Stalin Subway, I don't think that's gonna be well played amongst GB readers.

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The approach Valve took to Dota 2 is the only one I can really dig. You release the whole game for free, and you allow people to spend money on inconsequential stuff that has no real effect on gameplay.

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I like that the xbox one can natively view MKVs but Windows itself can't. Which is especially dumb when my Sony smart tv can :/

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So they finally brought their screens into the future, but only if you spend even more money and have a 5.5 inch screen. Ok.

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In lieu of paying to post on Pewdiepie's videos, I'd happily pay to never his face and or videos on my youtube ever again.

Also no that's a terrible idea.

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And here I was thinking oh man, Leo Tolstoy's birthday!