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@robdamob: I dont have anything specific besides Nvida brand in mind. Also it would need to be in the price range of $400-500

@corevi: That's not exactly what I was hoping to hear :/ Thanks though, duder

It's not necessarily true though, games will definitely look graphically much better with that card on that monitor, they'll just be running at a really low resolution. But again they'll definitely be 60fps.

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I'd agree that if supporting the guys with a code for that site is no longer an option, they'd be more than happy if you gave your business to Dave, Mike, and Ian's

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I don't 'cause I don't think it's a thing outside the US.

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@r3beld0gg: He's one of the few baseball plays I can name, mostly 'cause he was in an episode of the Simpsons along with Daryl Strawberry, the other baseball player I can name.

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Only if you can have a dirty but lovable dog that follows you around.

DLC mission is you playing as the dog.

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It's Steam yeah. The Amazon US digi download says a Steam account is a requirement.

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Well, Far Cry 3 ran pretty great on Pc, so I can only expect 4 to be the same... hopefully.

But 4 is being 'ported' by the guys who did the Pc version of AC: Unity, so I wouldn't hold our collective breaths.

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They're both the same price, but I'd totally go with the PS4 over the Xbox even if it was more expensive, if I was to ever buy one of the consoles.

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@alexw00d: I've been curious about the Stalker series for a while. I just picked up Call of Pripyat. So is it better to play it like orginally intended or should I check out some Mods? If so, what are some to look for?

There's 2 recommended mods for CoP, Misery and Complete. Misery is somewhat of an overhaul as it improves textures, lighting, weather, and the gun physics and a whole bunch other things, all for the good 'cause it retains the atmosphere of the game. I haven't played CoP with complete, but I'm fairly sure it also does all that stuff.

I would play with Misery tbh, it's supposed to make the game harder, but you can have all the improvements without the hike in difficulty.