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In lieu of paying to post on Pewdiepie's videos, I'd happily pay to never his face and or videos on my youtube ever again.

Also no that's a terrible idea.

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And here I was thinking oh man, Leo Tolstoy's birthday!

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@sterling said:

This just reminded me of how much I miss Dave and Karen. Now I'm sad.

Yeah I watched that video posted below you and now I'm sad too. Everything needs more Karen.

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Yup well said, and I hope this eventually happens. The thing that bugs me about the social criticism movement in games is that it's almost universally negative, or at least that's the impression I take away from most authors with a few exceptions (Cara Ellison being one of them, she strikes a nice balance). It's almost always complaining in tone and not constructive. It's also sometimes judgmental and insulting towards creators themselves. How about sometimes positively highlighting games that get it "right" and not always writing about how someone's work is "wrong"?

While you're right that news tends to slant in the direction of negative over positive (this is reinforced by readership who click on negative over positive, creating a "cycle"), one thing that I constantly notice is how personal people get about criticism. Criticism doesn't mean you are a bad person. If you're someone who likes making things, whether it's games or commentary about them, you're really excited to be told you're wrong by people with a good point to make. It's how you get better. Echo chambers are boring. It's why I hear from so many game developers who embrace what folks like Anita have to say, since it represents someone making a strong but substantive critique without condemning the people who actually made it. When you're called sexist, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. I've done sexist things, too. That doesn't make me a bad person. It's just food for thought, and potentially a way to improve. I often find that players who get incredibly upset about games criticized for being sexist take it personally in a way that, in their eyes, reflects badly on them. Playing a game with sexist elements does not make you sexist or a bad person. It just means it's a game with some issues.

I think this is the problem some people have with this though, having read the first waves of articles/stories written by yourself and others, this was the tone it seemed people were writing in.

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Gamersgate is a pretty good digital download store. That 1C bundle was something else.

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Say you lived in a country where they could get away with charging double for videogames and consoles as another country. Obviously people will start looking towards importing and possibly reselling. The big company doesn't make all the money they can and then the money men at the top get upset.

Which I assume is the reason Europe gets fucked over so often.

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@ll_exile_ll: Oh no of course, but I think with gamebomb its the same as Tested, all of a sudden their Youtube traffic heavily outnumbered their site traffic, I can remember thinking it weird one Oktoberkast when Will greeted Youtube viewers separately to just viewers. Anyway, as we all know, numbers don't mean thaaaaat much.

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It's a legit site, bigger than GB in terms of views. Some time in 2010 it appeared with a very similar design as then Giant Bomb. Dave was notified about them and it made him laugh, he told the community, and the rest is history.

It absolutely does not have more views than giant bomb.

I'm so glad that turned out to not be true. That would have made me very sad lol

Gamebomb get most of their views of Youtube, where they have 4 times the subs and get between 50k and excess of 400k views for their videos, vs Giant Bomb's 15-20k. I remember Dave even saying it saddened him when he learnt Gamebomb had twice the subs they did.

E: This doesn't make much of a difference mind, most of Gamebomb's highest viewed videos contain some sort of scantily clad girl in the thumbnail.

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It's a legit site, bigger than GB in terms of views. Some time in 2010 it appeared with a very similar design as then Giant Bomb. Dave was notified about them and it made him laugh, he told the community, and the rest is history.

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I figured I'd check the Gamebomb forums to see if anyone had caught wind of this, and holy shit no-one uses those forums. It seems like you get maybe 10 posts a day, for all boards. Even if this is super illegal, I don't even think they'd ever see.