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What are some of your favorite Easter Eggs so far in the game?
I really got excited for some reason when Brad(around the time of your first heist) mentions that there was this Eastern European guy making some noise in Liberty City, but has since went dark.

Also I like how they used The Lost in the story.

I really appreciate when companies connect to their other games.

I'm still looking for a RDR easter eggs somewhere

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Honestly, I would rather have one big DLC with a whole new city like Las Venturas(obviously not as big, but a decent size). Doing a couple of small casino heists that leads up to one BIG one. Throw in some extra things to do like gambling and other various side missions. That would be pretty sweet

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I like almost everything, so my dislikes list will be shorter

1. Car feels like it has ice wheels

2. Every radio station BLOWSSS!!!!

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Guys, as each day passes, I get more and more excited about this game. As of now, I've decided to not get the next gen games and I do not plan on buying any more games after GTA5. This may really be the "End All, Be All" for me

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@aegon: She is getting exactly what she wanted. People(mostly ones who DON'T listen to her) are talking about her. In her line of 'work', no publicity is bad publicity

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@legion_: No he didnt ruin it,since he created it..... But Rob dying was a foregone conclusion, It came down to making a decision: Love or Honesty, he chose love and he paid the ultimately price, Death. You cant take back your an oath you swore to take and expect everything to be copacetic. Plus it gets better...Since it was established that we cant ruin future events. Just keep watching.

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@TheSouthernDandy said:

I agree with you for the most part. I've avoided jumping on the EA hate train, they've made a bunch of mistakes no doubt but over the past few years they tried to push out a bunch of new IP. Some worked, some failed. Even in the case of Dead Space, the first didn't do amazing but they doubled down on it to give us a sequel. I could be wrong but it seems like most people think they're worse then Activision, which I don't get at all. What has that company done other then run franchises into the ground? I think EA deserves some of the hate it gets but not all of it.

Activision is WAY worse than EA and anyone who doesnt agree is a blind troll

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@Oldirtybearon said:

It's interesting in the same way that the Alien franchise has interesting fiction. It's more about the questions that are raised than the answers you get, and while the "lore" is all background speculation, it's still a large part of why you're still thinking about Alien/Dead Space long after you've finished watching/playing it.

This. I play games for the whole experience which includes the story, not just for tight gameplay or because its pretty.

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Bioshock &

GTA Vice City