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Lancefield Quay, Glasgow, Scotland.

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Oh wow, Ghost Watch? I was about 12 when that was on TV and it scared the crap out of me. The mokumentary style was still rather untapped at the time and the use of TV hosts in the show gave it a lot of believability.

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I worked at a call centre for 3 months and it was the worst experience I've had at a job. I wouldn't have minded going back to my shelf stacker job after that.

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Jesus Christ Scoops, that demon video scared the shit out of me! Good find.

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The first three flicks you've chosen are really good, Kill List especially.

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Deus Ex

GTA: Vice City

Super Mario Bros. 3

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Wonder if it's a case of "all hands on deck" for Borderlands 2 to make it out this year?

Still, I'm not worried; I'd rather more games got moved out of that busy October-November period.

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I've gone to the flicks by myself a few times, mostly because I know my friends don't want to go and see the wanky-foreign language art flicks I enjoy.

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Got to give Treyarch props for at least realising that they need to move COD in a slightly different direction to keep it fresh. But then again, you risk alienating the COD fans who are quite happy with all the previous games and will you really bring in more gamers (like me) who are really tired of Modern Military Shooters?

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@weegieanawrench: Oh yeah, it's gonna look amazing. I'm not concerned about the HD space as I'd be buying it on Steam anyways but my PC is lagging behind on the graphics card side. If I buy the 360 version, I've got no worries. Maybe get it on the 360 at first, then PC later once I've upgraded my rig.