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Got to give Treyarch props for at least realising that they need to move COD in a slightly different direction to keep it fresh. But then again, you risk alienating the COD fans who are quite happy with all the previous games and will you really bring in more gamers (like me) who are really tired of Modern Military Shooters?

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@weegieanawrench: Oh yeah, it's gonna look amazing. I'm not concerned about the HD space as I'd be buying it on Steam anyways but my PC is lagging behind on the graphics card side. If I buy the 360 version, I've got no worries. Maybe get it on the 360 at first, then PC later once I've upgraded my rig.

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I'm looking forward to this even thought I'm still unsure whether or not to get it on either the PC or 360.

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The Room. Never mind the whole "so bad it's good", I'm just glad my friends and I were doing the drinking game whilst watching this abortion.

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Jeans, t-shirt, omni-present Addidas trainers. Basically, you'd never give me a second glance which is just how I like it.

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I was happy with just playing stuff on my PC (which was ageing at that point) but then my brother moved in with me and he had a 360 and a small-ish HDTV. I got Oblivion for it and loved it straight away. I moved to Australia a few months later and shipped my PC over but it arrived broken. Lacking the funds for a new one, I split the cost of a 360 with my fiancée and that was me in.

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First videogames I played were on a C64. Crazy to think how long ago that was.

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The news bums me out because, regardless what you thought of the ME3 ending, it shows that if you complain enough about something, a company will buckle. I can't see how we can get invested in a game or a franchise anymore with the knowledge that the ending or even story beats are subject to change if there's enough negative feedback.

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I'm in the UK, so the Bombcast goes up on i-tunes fairly late. I tend to keep my laptop nearby me on a Tuesday night and when I wake up on Wednesday morning, I get it downloaded, sync my i-pod so I can listen to it on the train going into work.