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Thank God my unemployment benefits came through!

(I am actively hunting for a job and have a potential internship lined up for January)

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And it's a specific game in that franchise.

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Is it standalone DLC, or do you have to have Bioshock 2 to play Minerva's Den. It's discounted on XBL right now, but I don't have enough money to buy Bioshock 2, even pre-owned. (Yes, I'm pretty broke)

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It seems so weird that a company can go from being beloved by it's fans to being the subject of scorn so quickly. But it's the internet, both the good and bad sides are amplified so much that's it's hard to know what people truly make of this sort of thing. I'm not a fighting game fan but I can see why the whole gems system and the inevitable retailer specific DLC would rankle people.

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My friends went to this, couple of them got to meet Zelda Williams afterwards.

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There was a Gametrailers retrospective video for the GTA series that confirmed the protaganist's name being Claude but I must've played GTA III about dozen times and I never figured it out.

But yeah, a GTA Vice City re-release of some sort would make me a real happy guy.

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Not too shabby.

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The main floor was nuts on Friday, so I made a point of visiting the PAX 10 stuff upstairs. Played more games on Friday than any other day.

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Seems like a handy thing to have. I've been put off buying bundles in Steam sales because I hate the idea of buying a game(s) that I've already got. If I can regift it or get TF2 swag, then that's a good move.

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I got the soundtrack CD. It means I no longer have to leave my 360 running just so I can hear the tunes.