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Although there were other good games that came out this year, I respect Giant Bomb's decision to have Persona 4 as their 2009 (2008 lol) Game of the Year.
Anyone who watched the Endurance Run could tell that they had a lot of fun (key word here folks) playing the game. 
Perhaps the most fun they've had this year. 
Let's not forget that Persona 4 is, in its own right, "an incredible game," with its unique style of gameplay and memorable cast of characters.

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@ShadowKiller said:
" The ending of Crisis Core was the only thing that came remotely close. And this is coming from someone who's never played FF7. "
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I found this to be entertaining the first time I played it:

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Wow. I also thought this movie was gonna suck. Never judge a move by its trailer I suppose.

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Yeah, I started to visit Giant Bomb solely because of the Endurance Run. But now, I've come to love this site and all of its staff & features. I'm definitely staying, regardless of no ER.

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Aww... R.I.P. P4 ER

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@Gylfi said:
" @limewizard:  When in doubt, Pizza "
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Yeah, talk about endurance! Thanks for not giving up you guys.
"No one stops the endurance run, mother f*cker!" :)

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It seems like there are five difficulty levels to choose from now and you can take full control of your all party members now :D

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NoOoOooOooOo. >:(

Jeff is not pleased with this comic. Or with the person(s) who sent it to him. Well, at least they'll probably take the true ending route now...