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@MURDERSMASH: Again, confirmation bias.

It takes one small statue for people to start shouting about how all women are oppressed, but you dismiss multiple cases of discrimination against men as "grasping for straws". That's a textbook definition of confirmation bias.

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@leebmx said:

@Neon25: Also the reason that book isn't sexist when it is a man on the cover is because men, unlike women, haven't spent centuries being treated as possesions, and aren't regulaly compared to dogs to demean them. Who gets called bitch and dog all the time? Its not men.

So can I keep white people as slaves now? They treated blacks as possessions for a long time.

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It's hilarious how gullible some people can be. At this point Patrick could write articles for the Ku Klux Klan and they would still defend him.

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@Carousel said:


Patrick is showing obvious hypocrisy and you STILL defend him.

I'd think you of all people would be up in arms about this.

And dismissing Neon25's post as "men's rights garbage"?!

You must have no empathy in you if you're not at all outraged about what happened to those people, especially the little boy.

Patrick's fan club is like a religion now.

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You guys should check your privilege, it's Patrick's website, he decides what's sexist and what isn't.

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@flufflogic said:

It cheapens gaming, and as a result gamers, to have this crap. This is worse than, say, Sims nude/"real hair" patches and the Skyrim mod scene. It's a whole new level of crass.

Oh shit, bringing up nude mods? It's getting real up in here, we're one step away from porn.

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