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Anybody see the new full trailer? Wow, amazing overall but I'm still iffy on the heavy emphasis on the Valkyries....if it's played off as no more than drug-induced psychotic visions then that's fine, but it just seems like a lot to me.

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Anybody else as obsessed with penguins as I am?!!?  I love these creatures.  My favorites are the macaroni penguins...I have an invisible macaroni penguin friend named Waddles in fact.  He was once in a coma for a year cause some girl sat on him since she didn't see him...yeah, told you I'm obsessed.  What does everyone else like about penguins?

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Yeah I don't get the Ludacris casting at all.  Not to be racist at all, but just look at the game...Jim Bravura is an older, heavyset, white male.  What the hell?  As for Mila Kunis, I won't judge her til I see her portrayal of Mona in action.

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I love it when the aliens fight with you, especially in the original Perfect Dark.  "Elvis" was hilarious and awesome.  And yeah, aliensexist4 is my gamertag too so you cant believe the number of times I have to explain where exactly the break is in  Love Halo too, of course.  I especially like it when the aliens look real though, as in "Elvis," not fantastical like Halo Elites.

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The title says it all.  What's your favorite use of aliens in video games?  As the good guys or bad guys?  I like it when they have alien weapons and you can use them too.

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"Elvis" was one of the best characters ever simply for his humor and badassness.  Perfect Dark just wouldn't have had as much charm without the little guy.  What do you all think?
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This is by far my favorite game for PS3, so I'm super excited that they're making a sequel.  I think it should definitely include jungle-ish environments, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in different locales too, like the arctic.  As long as the gameplay mechanics are kept intact and Sully is still his partner, then I'll be buying it for sure.  Anybody have a fuzzy release date?  Did they say 2009?

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Damn, I totally didn't take into account the rating...I must not have registered it...PG-13, that sucks.  The game definitely needs an R-rating supplement.  Hopefully they hold back more on the swearing than the violence.

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I guess I had been hoping for a sequel but considering that I don't really care what happens to our protagonist from the original as much as what happens to Rapture, I'd rather play a prequel as Andrew Ryan or someone else who still has the use of plasmids.  Whatever it is, there just better be more Rapture or else I'll be upset. It is the best game environment ever.

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Yeah, I don't remember being this excited about a videogame movie since...well, ever.  I'm equally psyched about BioShock being a movie, but too early to tell.  I like the trailer for Max Payne and I agree that the angel had better be a reaction to Valkyr.  I read an interview with Wahlberg and he stated how they couldn' t really make the movie exactly like the game, because it would be impossible...I don't know about that, after seeing things like Sin City and such, but hopefully it just keeps the tone and atmosphere above all else.  He also stated that Max Payne was the most difficult character he has ever had to play, emotionally and psychologically, which I definitely agree should be the case, so I hope he nailed it.  I hope there is some stylized bullet-time sequences but I have a feeling they won't do any slowmotion things at all.  Oh and there better be painkillers!

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