Red Dead Redemption, Picture Help

Saw this picture on the internet and I was really wanting to find out what part of Red Dead Redemption this is in. I have beaten the game so I already know what happens in the end. Thanks in advanced. 
Here are the pictures with John and his old gang, please tell me where these are from


Halo Reach anyone?

I'm getting board playing with "unknown" people on matchmaking, most friends have the game, but, are out of live or just want help on campaign. So I decided that since I've got a giantbomb account anyone that has a Xbox 360, Xbox live and Halo Reach can join. So whoever wants to join, I'm starting a party today "ONLY" for Halo Reach. The rules will be explained below. Before reading the rules below, I want to go over some minor, however, important details. 1. Before Joining make sure you've got Xbox Live. 2. If your going to leave message my Xbox Live profile (I will tell you all this information below). Well those are the minor, however, important rules. 
If your Going To Play Rules: 

  • Make Sure You Have Xbox Live.
  • Are open and free to chat with anyone in the party (you don't have to use a microphone if you don't want to)
  • Bring a guest (if you want) to play in this party. I'm not limiting this to only "XBOX live players only" guest can join if you have one.
Types of Games we will be playing: 
  1. Team Stuff. Mainly Team Slayer, CTF etc etc
Those are all I can think of for now, so just join me today, right now for fun, excitement, and ranking up on Halo Reach.  
to join send a friend request and join halo finsher  
the Xbox live profile is spelled "EXACTLY" like that all lower case and a space: here I will even write the name again: halo finsher 
Okay that's all folks, and hopefully I will get to fight you on Halo Reach's glorious battlefield! 

Halo 3 ODST Achievement Vidmaster Endure

It's me your friendly neighbor hood.. Uh, never mind. Anyway, Lets get the fire fight ODST achievement so that we can get Recon. Does that sound good? Add halo finsher as a friend via your xbox live profile. I will see you in fire fight! And remember, we can get Recon armor by doing this achievement (and some others). Join today so that we can get recon


Quest: Hangin Out With My Chinstrap

I need help with this quest: here is the clue 
Make 'Lincoln' proud and 'Force' yourself into the conversation. Help GiantBomb defeat The Electronic Three.     
I watched the the star wars kinect video, but I did not have the quest. Need help, give me a further clue. Thanks in advance.


Question About A game?

Any body want to give me their Mk vs DcU game. If they don't want it that is just post a reply on this blog if you don't want your mk vs dcu. I just never played this game wondered if anyone did not want it any more either PS3 Or Xbox 360


Games Rule!!!!

If you have not bought Fracture you need to it is awsome it is better than any war game even if they all came to gether it would not come pare it has all these grenades that change the battle field and you reshape the whole entire war for PS3 and Xbox 360.