Blog #032 - Starter Pokemon, Dragon Age 2

I've done a blog every day for the past few days, but don't worry. Today is the last. I have put together all my Pokemon designs in to one wallpaper image, at the suggestion of AlwaysBeClothing. I'm doing a design every day for a year and these Pokemon were from Wednesday to Friday. 
I am addicted to Dragon Age 2 at the moment. More than perhaps any other Bioware game you are forced to live with the consequences of your actions, and not just at the end or in the sequel. Some of it is lame or weakly portrayed but for the most part I feel a sense of responsibility. There are lessons for Mass Effect 3 in here if that team are paying attention... although I imagine the game is past mid production. 

Previous Wallpapers: Dead Space 2, Space Invaders
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Squirtle Design 
Bulbasaur Design 
Charmander Design
Here is the wallpaper:  View Full Res (1920x1080) 

Kanto Starters 
Comments are always encouraged. Want to hear what people think. Wont be any more blogs for a while on here, but you can see what I'm up to on my daily design blog.

Blog #030 - Bulba, Bulbasaur!

Following on from yesterday, I have illustrated Bulbasaur. Tomorrow I'll be doing Charmander and then puttng all 3 original starters in to a wallpaper. 
Still plugging away at Pokemon and Dragon Age 2. Should really devote some time to Dead Space 2 but... I have a 7K dissertation due in next week. Should probably start that.  
Daily Design Blog 
Squirtle Design
Here it is:  View High Res

Bulba, Bulbasaur! 

Blog #029 - Squirtle, Squirtle!

Day #075 of my year in design, I did Squirtle since I've been playing Pokemon white a hell of a lot the last couple of days. Could have done one of the new Pokemon but I have fond memories of Squirtle. My first Pokemon all those years ago in Pokemon Blue. 
I have also been playing a lot of Dragon Age 2 still. There's a lot of interesting things in there, especially the qunari. If you take the time to get to know them and talk to them you can already see where the story is going to go right at the beginning of the game. It could be seen as careless, but I like the fact that the seeds for the later storyline is in there. 
Anyway, here is the illustration:  View High Res

Squirtle, Squirtle! 
Comments are encouraged. 
P.S. I wish I was Olly Moss.

Blog #028 - Dragon Age 2 Design, Original DS, Pokemon

So, as I have mentioned in all of my blogs I've been doing a design a day since January and planning to keep it up for a whole year. I do a ton of videogame related designs so check out my previous blogs on here or my year in design blog here

Dragon Age 2

Today I did a design inspired by Dragon Age 2's loading screens. I find them very attractive and I like how they use a very dark blurred foreground and then a glyph on a wall behind that. Check it out at the bottom of the blog.Really enjoying the game so far. Not as much as DA:O, but that is one of my favourite games of all time. I can't expect to top that.  

Anyway, here is the design:     View Higher Res Here 

Dragon Age 2 
I always like comments and feedback, so lets here it. Also, please check out my previous blogs. I have lots of my videogame designs on there and love to hear what people think. 

Nintendo DS and Pokemon

Today I managed to get my best friend's original DS. He died last summer and since then his family have been sorting out his stuff. They gave me one of his Chaos Emerald replicas after the funeral and now I have his original DS. He covered it in Sonic stickers because he was upset (he was 21 too... never grew out of it :p)  
I must have forgotten, but I'm amazed at what a crappy piece of hardware the original DS is. There is nothing attractive about the form factor or design, it's bulky and the screen quality is pretty terrible. They came a long way with the DS Lite. I also started playing Pokemon White and I love it. I honestly dont care about gameplay changes. They have added some nice aesthetic touches that make it a more pleasant experience, especially in battle. Feels more dynamic. 

Blog #027 - Cloud Strife, Other Game Art

So, I have been posting my art here for a while. Currently dong a year in design, some creative every day. Some days it's really hard. Haven't posted them here for a month so here is a backlog of videogame based designs. Check out my blog to see what I've been up to since January.   

Cloud Strife 

 Luke Atmey

 My entry in the stacking competition

Bullet Bill 

 Super George!

Blog #026 - Phoenix Wright Art, Magicka, Persona 4

So, Day #037 of my design challenge and I finally got round to doing an illustration of Phoenix Wright. If you look back in my blogs you'll see that I've done several characters from the series before but I put off doing Phoenix until now. In other news, I bought Magicka. Quick Look had me interested so I played it with a friend of steam and I found that more than any other game I've played friendly fire makes you an asshole. I couldn't help myself blasting my friend with an arcane beam or a massive boulder because I knew I could just revive or heal him. Wasn't very productive. 
Also, I've started watching the Persona 4 endurance run again. The less said about that the better. 
Anyway, here is the illustration. As always comments and appreciated. 
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Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney 
Bonus Teddie Art, though I'm not proud of this one. 

Teddy, looking a bit freaky... 

Blog #23 - Vivi Art, Dead Space 2 and LOTR Online

So, I've been posting a lot of art blogs lately. Doing this daily design challenge is... exhausting some days. I have a lot of other stuff to do but I don't want to miss my daily design so I put it off and then have to go back to it. I've been playing through Final Fantasy IX again and loving it. Wish I had more time to spend playing it but that's life.  
Watching the Dead Space 2 live quicklook just now got me so excited. I even read the text review, which I haven't done in so long. I have no money though. It's a real pain. I also downloaded Lord of the Rings Online as a couple of my friends started playing it and... yeah, I can see why most MMOs have to go free to play. There's just nothing engaging about the experience at all. Everything is so passive.
Anyway, today is Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. As always feedback and comments are welcome. 
View High Res version here...