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Couldn't get it to work, the second part of the code was too long. Probably a UK thing. Hope someone got it!

Edit: Nevermind. Got it! Thanks a bunch!

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I can't seem to follow the shuffle very well unless the card I'm following goes on top first. Any tips?

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@gaff: I couldn't think of a way to avoid sexual innuendo, it's almost impossible when describing how I'm 'touching it'.

Also, it doesn't move at all so there's no tilt.

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I've been sour on the nub since I got the system but I'm having issues using it in majoras mask. Sometimes it feels unresponsive, especially when trying to pan the camera up or down it just moves a tiny bit, and has made me question how I'm supposed to be using this thing.

Do I rub my thumb across the top? Do I press along the sides? Does pressure down on the edges affect it? I feel like I'm pressing on it pretty hard sometimes, and I also try using my nail to press on the top edge to pan the camera down but I feel like that is going to damage the rubber over time.

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@lunnington: Did you get the XL or regular? Like I said, XL fixed my hand cramps but since the new regular sized 3DS is slightly bigger that might help too.

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2 & 3 still hold up really well, though terrible combat has always been terrible. Some people think it adds to the tension though. Just don't get the 'HD' versions if you can help it, there are some broken and very questionable things.

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I didn't find it that useful in the demo.

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@alistercat said:

All except Wii, because I don't have one. The rest are in organised bags under my bed. I'm a nerd.

Poll says "hooked up," not "own." I doubt they're hooked up in bags under your bed.

Yeah, that's why I said the rest. I was just mentioning how I sloppily store the ones I'm not using.

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@lunnington: I had that issue when I had a 3DS which is why I upgraded to the XL, and now to the new XL. It was much more comfortable in my hands with them being further apart and resting more naturally in my palms. Both XLs are the same size and shape so either should solve your issue. At least it did for me.