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@bisonhero: Great point, I forgot to mention the character profiles. I think it was used a lot better in 3, and could have improved 1 but poorly implemented in 2. I did miss it in Apollo Justice. I always think of it more in terms of flavour because I just present profiles to people to get their opinion on a person rather than the times when you need it to progress the story. All of the games suffer from lack of clarity over which evidence the game expects you to present.

It doesn't stand out to me among the usual logical failings though. It's bundled in with all my other frustrations.

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@shindig: They go on ebay for about £30. There isn't a new copy available even, so £50 for new is out of the question. Plus, the packaging for the legacy collection is way better than the HD collection.

I'm waiting for the PC version of ground zeroes.

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@shindig: It's nice having them in one package rather than piecing them together. I'm trying to get a second hand UK copy but that would require me buying MGS1 on PSN.

According to the information I could find the games in the legacy edition will work on any region.

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@corruptedevil: In the case of giving an American address, what should I do? I don't want to use some random person's house in case they get weird mail or something.

@caska: Is that the case for the Vita as well?

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@fluxwavez: OK, that answers everything. Thanks!

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The UK version of the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection sold out everywhere a long time ago. Cannot find it. There are only a couple on ebay, even. There are, however, a lot of US copies around. I feel like a lot of the offering is digital but the codes will only redeem to a US PSN account. I wouldn't feel like I really own those games being off on a weird side account, but I just want to have the collection and since I cannot find a UK copy this is my only option.

How would I do this? Is it legal? Could that account, or my main account get banned? Would I have to be logged in to that account in order to play MGS 1?

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@alistercat said:

Question. Does this contain the story of the original and if so are there story additions to the original characters.

P4AU's story contains none of P4A's story. Different games, different stories, albeit it only a few in-universe days apart of each other.

This isn't true. P4AU's story is a straight up, 15 hour sequel to the first game. However, P4AU also contains the entirety of P4A's story, as the DLC story chapter: Episode P4A.

Now I'm confused. The original story is included in this new game as a DLC chapter? Or the new story is DLC?

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Question. Does this contain the story of the original and if so are there story additions to the original characters.

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All the time. I play games mostly for the visual experience.

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I'm not going to pay 3 times as much as I would for an equivalent Android device and then just make it as close to Android as possible. That doesn't make any sense.

Wow, the vitriol there. Its not like the iPhone beat you as a child or anything. First off, where are you getting this 3x price from?

In his defence, that doesn't read as vitriol. It seems like a normally stated opinion.

For me, I got a new phone in February and when choosing between the iPhone 5s/5c and an Android phone I paid less than half the cost of a 5s for a Nexus 5 that offers a completely comparable feature set and user experience. So in my case it would have been twice the price of what many consider the best android phone for the 'latest' iphone of the time.