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Garden Warfare was in my top 10 for this year. I just bumped it down to 11 but it's actually really great. I'm surprised. It's another horde mode game, but one with incredible polish and style.

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@sterling: @ll_exile_ll: @rethla: I see what you're all saying, and you're all correct, but Exile has a point. If you are 3 levels above the enemy you stop receiving XP from the fight and that puts a limit. By the open nature of the game, that is not a hard cap, if your levelling is front loaded with combat XP and back loaded with quest XP your 'cap' will be a lot higher than if you get a lot of quest XP early and combat XP later.

You're running up against definition of 'cap', and soft vs hard caps. There's a big difference between a natural cap (because there's limited content to gain XP) and a designed cap (designated levelling progression). The end result is still that a player can fall anywhere between lvl 20 and 30 with the content in the game depending on the distribution of combat and quest XP.

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@probablytuna: The reward depends on the advisor on some missions. Gold values are definitely random. There are random chances for rare finds on some of the repeatable. For things like influence rewards, or named weapons, no.

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@apothaeos: @bargainben: I know there are really worthwhile perks, and that is valid discussion, but I'm specifically wondering how much this perk accelerates your levelling.

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I'm really torn about this perk. It is a 5% XP buff that only applies to kills, and the majority of XP in the game is earned through quests not combat. I'm getting very little XP for fighting, maybe 20 per enemy. At most I've had like 100 maybe but other people might have more. So that's 5xp on the occasional 100xp enemy. Does this seem like a really bad deal? It does to me.

It's all academic to me anyway, as next playthrough I'm going to give myself all the perks from the beginning using cheat engine.

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I got boomerang and double shot while playing as azael. I'm assuming those do nothing for him.

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@sterling: Not in the hinterlands, at least.I quicksaved and reloaded in front of every chest until I get a schematic or a rare there. It didn't work on the storm coast, or any other place I've tested so far.

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Recycle seems way too expensive considering an assassinate is 5, a sap is 2, a fireball is 4 etc.

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Updated some stuff in the first post.