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No UK Tokyo Jungle sale... that's all I wanted.

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Difficult to read. That's my constructive criticism.

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When you purchase a year subscription you get a code for the store. I believe it's $15, you can use it on anything but the poster is sold out now so you can spend it on a T-Shirt instead. Doesn't apply to Paypal annual subscriptions.

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@starvinggamer said:

You could play the most romantic multiplayer mode if you have a Vita.

We did. She kicked my ass.

Thank you everyone, date over. Huge success... except for some controller issues. Plus some hilarious mishaps that will not be told here.

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@gunslingerpanda: I played super street fighter 2 on SNES and she destroyed me.

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I have a PC and 12+ consoles. I prefer PC because of framerate and graphics. For some games it's mods and network stuff. I play Both on the same HDTV, with a second monitor to watch giant bomb while I play.

I don't get much from games sitting at a distance, especially in an overly relaxed position like 'coach gaming' that everyone else seems to love. Makes immersion impossible for me.

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Despite everything going wrong, Nidhogg seems to have been the winner. Windjammers didn't go down as well as I hoped. Thanks for all the help everyone!

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@village_guy: I updated the first post by saying she plays traditional games and likes Fallout. I'm definitely not in to racing games so I will steer clear of those (HA I'm so hilarious).

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@seikenfreak said:

Or if you are going in the casual PIIHB sorta direction than I could see getting drunk with competitive/interactive games turning into play wrestling on the couch, one thing leads to another, you hit it so hard she's blacked out on the floor, the landlord/parent is banging on the door asking what all that ruckus is, and now you've got no idea wtf to do in that situation.

Good luck!

P.S. - Tying their hands up with a controller cord can also be fun. Just be careful where you point your crazy glue cannon.

Maximum creep has been achieved. Amazing.