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@nightriff: @skullpanda1: I said I'm not going to sell anything, just curious. I even bought the card I was missing. Thanks for the information though. Doubt I would bother insuring them since it's more about the memories, it was a weird trip back in time.

Edit: I figure it's the same case as old videogames, which are worth nothing.

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Edit: This probably should have been a blog rather than on a forum. Just enjoying the nostalgia of looking through my cards.

I recently went through my collection of Pokemon cards from my childhood. I think I was the perfect age because back then the games and the cards were the most wonderful thing. Trading digital and card pokemon on the playground forged friendships. Until the schools I went to banned them. It was my first exposure to collectable cards, as I never cared for sports, and the effect was scarily reminiscent of gambling. I think that's why I like the card pack features in Mass Effect 3 and PvZ Garden Warfare 2 so much. Moving on from bathing in the filthy water that is nostalgia...

Turns out I had collected the complete first 3 sets from 1999. Original, Jungle and Fossil. Except one. One card! How could I have allowed that? I suppose, given how poor my parents were, it's a bigger mystery how I ever built up a complete collection to begin with. Still, since I had organised all the cards by number 16 years ago it was obvious one was missing. 5 minutes later I had bought a shiny Jolteon on ebay for £5. I guess the internet has robbed all mystique from collectable cards.

My question is how do I go about evaluating this shit? Are complete collections worthwhile or are people only interested in individual cards? How do you go about 'grading'? I won't sell anything as other than the fact that it's 3 complete collections (which a billion people have by now, surely) none of the cards are particularly valuable. I'm just curious. Searching revealed how seriously people take collectable cards and the intricacies involved. Rumours of print numbers and pre-release cards. Print defects. Grading.

The take away from all of this is that it made me want to call my parents. Tell them I love them. Let them know how much I appreciate them taking an interest in my hobbies as a child, and giving me so much happiness. Yes, because of dumb cards. Kids are dumb.

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@pazy: sent. Let me know whether it redeems OK or not.

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I got a code for Gears judgement. Might be region restricted? I'm from the UK. Anyway, post if you want it and I'll message you!

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@wolf_blitzer85: @fisk0: @oursin_360: @biffmcblumpkin: Replacing the mini HDMI to HDMI cable seems to have done the trick! Thanks for the help. Glad it wasn't something more serious. The quality on this amazon basics cable is pretty good.

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I'm not sure if this is my problem, so I didn't know where to ask about this. Audio goes out of sync over time. Not just on Giant Bomb but mostly on Giant Bomb. I think it's only the HTML5 player. I can't use 'progressive' because the video randomly ends whenever it feels like it. The sync issue isn't huge, it only gets off by a second or so but it's definitely noticeable. Doesn't happen when a video starts but over the course of a several hour video it gets incredibly noticeable.

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@dave_tacitus: Something in my bios had set my CPU and RAM to overclock and in weird numbers, and I think that's what was causing the crashing now. Not the drivers. It was still crashing after the rollback so these new ones should be good.

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@hmoney001: Any word on this latest driver? I just got a BSOD, and I had a hard crash yesterday with a loud tone. Could be a lot of things, but I know the latest batch of drivers have been funky.

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  • Persona 4
  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
  • Oblivion

A highly original list.

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@oursin_360: @fisk0: I have ordered a new cable, and I'm beginning to suspect it's my TV more than anything. Thanks for all the help, hopefully the cable will fix things but there's no a lot else I can test.