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Since icons and profile backgrounds are worthless on the marketplace I feel silly selling them, and I have duplicates. I figured we could use a place to trade.

I don't really mind what I trade for, but I just don't want duplicates. So far I have:

Goat Simulator Background

Mercenary Kings Briefcase icon x2

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@jadegl: Cosplay at conventions are a great excuse to catsuit-it-up. For Saints Row it's it's the outfit of a hero... much better than the naked gooey costume or robot dinosaur I went with. That's kind of why I think it only works for games of a certain tone. Those outfits don't ruin the tone of the game, and having a man in a summer dress won't ruin the 'tone' of Sunset Overdrive either.

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@jadegl: Are you saying that women in these videogames are anything less than business? That said, I imagine the catsuit in these cases had nothing to do with being quirky and everything to do with creepy sex appeal...

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@jadegl said:
@zombiepie said:

Here's a good pull-quote from GameSpot's interview with one of Insomniac's community managers:

"Of course. Self-expression is super important to us," Insomniac Games community manager Brandon Winfrey said. "So you can be female, you can be male, you can be different skin tones, you can be different body types.

Winfrey also confirmed that all of the clothing in Sunset Overdrive is gender-neutral. "So if you want to be a dude in a skirt, you can be a dude in a skirt. Just be who you want to be," he said.

That last line was the best part. Guys in skirts, women in tuxedos or something, who cares? It sounds like a lot of fun. I like that they are making a game that looks like they're trying to have fun and wackiness take center stage. This and Splatoon are now on my radar.

That's one of the best things about the character customisation in Saints Row.

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@humanity: I already played it on Xbox. Finished it, even.

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@ch3burashka: Some games tie saves and such to GFWL and I've had Fallout 3 crap out on me where it 'lost' my saves because it wasn't connected and I had to start over.

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I want Bulletstorm but then I remember Games for Windows Live is shutting down real soon. I don't know how playable the game will be, so I took it out my basket.

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What are the known bugs? I've been holding out on watchdogs to get patched before I continue, and I can hold out a little longer to play with this tweak.

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Everyone mentions Yoshi's Island, but never mentions Yoshi's Story for N64. I enjoyed that game so much.

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Shu seemed a bit uncomfortable at times, maybe because he was a bit outside the intense bro love/ribbing between Jeff, Adam, Johnny and Lang but maybe that was the only time you could get him. With Adam Boyes chaperone.