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I have never heard of this game before, but now that I know of its existence, I must have it.

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My first premium Spectre pack I got a M-99 Saber (wow!) and the Kishock Harpoon Gun. The Saber is awesome, obviously. The Kishock is really great, you can charge it for more damage, and I believe it does the same damage fired from the hip as it does scoped, unlike other sniper rifles. Moving targets need to be led a bit, but otherwise it's a fantastic rifle.

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Yes, Bridget was born a boy alongside with his identical twin brother.  In the village he grew up in however, identical twins of the same sex are considered an ill omen, so Bridget's parents dressed him up like a girl.  Bridget identifies as a boy, although he still acts very effeminately.

I'm going to go ahead and edit Poison's article, hopefully it will stick this time.
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What are the guidelines regarding gender specific pronouns for transgender characters?  I would think they would reflect the gender the character is presenting as rather than the genetic or birth sex of the person.  To quote a relevant article on Wikipedia; "in general, transgender individuals prefer to be referred to by the gender pronoun appropriate to the gender with which they identify."

For example, I updated the pronouns in Poison's (from Final Fight) article from male to female ones.  While Poison was born male, she is clearly presenting herself as a female.  I would argue female pronouns are preferred.  However, the article was changed back, Poison being referred to by male pronouns.  This irks me, perhaps because I have many transgender friends and am aware of the sensitivity on the issue.

Does Giant Bomb have any rules or guidelines in regards to this?

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The Incredibles was awesome, and I really loved Wall-E too.
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I want the purple one.  I won't buy a Nintendo 3DS until they release it in that shiny purple color.  Maybe for the 3DS Lite or whatever.

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I just completed the game tonight, having received it for Christmas.  I know, I'm a bit late to the party, but still well worth it.
The Professor Layton series has been one of my favorites for the DS, even moreso than Phoenix Wright and gang.  The Unwound Future in particular is a very emotional story, dealing with some very heavy themes.  Finishing the game, I could only sit in a post-coda silence, a mixture of solemnity and a longing for more of the adventure.  Well, there's at least three more Professor Layton games on the horizon, and another with our gentleman professor paired together with everyone's favorite ace attorney.  Thank goodness this wonderful franchise will not end anytime soon.

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Oh thank you so very much!  I was completely stumped on Day 6, but your hints really helped me out!

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I have over 250 hours into Dragon Quest IX, and I see no sign of my letting up anytime soon.  I've nearly completed all 120 original quests, and I have a significant portion of the extra quests released so far finished as well.  I even finally found a grotto map with metal king slimes in it.
If you're having trouble connecting to the DQVC, try changing your Wi-Fi to WEP for a little while.  I do it once every day, just to check out what's available for sale from Sellma, including some stuff you can't get by any other method.

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Oh boy, more toys to play with!

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