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OK, the "fabric killer" is not registering for me. Reloaded the page 5 times, went to all the different releases for it. Everything else from day 8 worked perfectly.

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@coonce:   I S-ranked Mass Effect 2, but I didn't get the corresponding S-Rank quest. When the site updated with the S-Rank for ME2, I did get the quest pop-up for the quest set, but their status did not update.
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I can't believe their making another one.

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Engineer, followed by medic, and then the rest are sorta close to even. I love my engineering, building good defensive/offensive spots, especially with the new weapons.

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I don't like the styling on the new Xbox. Not grabbing me for some reason.

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should add in support for older games I already bought.

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It depends on whether or not the icons were made when they were submitted. If the people who made the new community weapons made icons for them as well, then I really think Valve should've put them in. If, on the other hand, there was no icon submitted, then I would rather Valve work on the engie update first.

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@Damolition:  I love the buff on the homewrecker on defense. It always sucked before when I killed the spy that was sapping my engies gear, but only after he managed to backstab him. Now I can do something about those darn things :).
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You've prob already seen it, but they did add a beta badge (wish I had it, but I'm stuck with first day buyer (laptop at beta time was not good enough to participate)).
There's also KOTH mode that they added, and other community made modes are in consideration for future release.
BTW, I am so glad for payload, it makes TF2 play completely differently than any of the other modes.
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@End_Boss:  Actually, audio tech and techniques really haven't changed much since then. Sure they've become easier, and lossy, and then lossless compression has made some changes, but the tech to master and put together tracks is still pretty much the same.
@OldGuy: yeah, I've seen that video as well, and that has a lot to do with it. Primarily it's because adding loudness (compressing the dynamic range) makes for very easy "better" sounding radio. Too bad you can make compressed radio sound good in other ways as well, without sacrificing as much of the quality, but that takes time and effort :(.
@DukeTogo: But the record companies also have the same master tracks, so why can't they put out a better sounding version? And yeah, I've heard the difference between the Metallica album on GH and CD. It seems the record industry does not care about fans, as long as they can get their money, whereas Harmonix seems to very much be music fans themselves, and strives to always put out the best product they can.
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