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I love Harmonix. They make awesome games. They keep putting out awesome music for me to enjoy every week. And they make this music sound as awesome as they possibly can. Which is also why I have a beef with them. Well, not with them per se, but the amazing job they do mastering the audio on the tracks they publish really, really puts some of the studio efforts to shame. The same track on Rock Band sounds so much better than on my Zune. And no, this is not an audio quality issue, as I tend to rip everything at 256kbps or higher. Nor are these shady downloaded tracks, ill-gotten from some third party site, or from the pirate bay. No these are rips from original studio releases on CD's. The problem lies with the way the tracks on CD's tend to be mastered (and yes, some studio releases have amazing masters, but not all), especially mid 90's stuff. Take the No Doubt track pack; Spiderwebs on Rock Band comes through with amazing clarity, separation between instruments, and great punch to the bass. Now listening to the same track on my Zune, connected to my 360, playing through the same speakers, you lose a lot of that. It's not that it sounds bad; it just doesn't sound as good as the Harmonix master. And while kind of problem is more prevalent and apparent on older CD's, some newer releases have similar issues as well.
And on a related note, you realize how much work Harmonix was doing to make the tracks it put out sound so great when you listen to the mastering and audio quality of tracks on Rock Band Network. I love the idea of RBN, to be able to see more of the music I love playable in Rock Band, but so far, the audio quality on all the tracks I've sampled have been sub par.
So to end this winding train of thought, two things. First, everyone else out there that masters music, take a cue from Harmonix. And second, Harmonix, if you were to put out albums of the tracks you've mastered, I wold pay you for them, even though I've already payed for them once. I love them that much.

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Yeah, the powers would definitely have to be reworked, but that's usually true of any multiplayer adjunct to a game. Doesn't mean it couldn't work.
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 I was thinking more along the lines of a pure multiplayer arena battles. You wouldn't even need conversations in it.
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Ok, so I want to get into Doctor Who, but I have no idea where to start. There is so much to watch at this point; do I even bother with the original series, or can I start with the new one?

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You should really do yourself a favour and check out ME2. The shooting has been vastly improved, to the point where it is now a shooter with RPG elements, and a dialouge tree.
The pausing mainly comes about because you have to control A.I. squadmates. If your sqaud was made up of real people however, you would not need to pause the action.
Mainly I just think the powers/guns/shields-armor combo would be fun in a multiplayer environment.
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I love the combat mechanics and skills in this game, and using them against the A.I. is all well and good, but I couldn't help but feel that it would also make a great team based shooter. Of course a lot of the powers would have to be rebalanced, but I think it could be a nice game. Thoughts?

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