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Contender or Wanna-be? 0

The original Puzzle Quest took the gaming community by storm; an inventive blend of RPG mechanics and match puzzler, it defined a new sub-genre. And now the sequel looks to recapture the excitement of the original, while streamlining the experience. And for the most part, it succeeds.The idea behind Puzzle Quest games is simple: take the matching game from Bejeweled as a way to earn mana, do damage to your opponent, etc., and layer in a turn-based RPG. The sequel refines many elements from the f...

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Puzzle Quest move over, you've finally got competition 0

I was originally quite excited about Clash of Heroes upon seeing it's preview coverage. This sub-genre of puzzle games (puzzle based RPG's) splashed onto the scene with Puzzle Quest, and ever since I finished it, I've been looking for my next fix. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix didn't quite do it, and Puzzle Quest 2 is still a ways off. However I don't need to wait for it anymore. Clash of Heroes more than scratches this particular itch, with possibly a better battle system than PQ.The combat plays out...

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