Got my Tournament Edition FightStick! my TE stick today! And I am pretty confused and it feels awkward as hell...

I main Viper and would like to think I was a pretty good player on the 360 pad, that was back in May and I haven't played since then due to a fire. Well I picked up a TE Stick and played on my laptop for a while and realize I am so lost. Here's the deal: I suck with Viper right now. I can't do her HJC > BK because it always comes out as a Kick and it's extremely annoying. I also suck at doing almost anything when I am facing the right side of the screen. I completed all her normal trials out of sheer luck. Anyone have some tips for a first time stick player? Thanks alot. :D


Region-Free is the way to go.

More games and consoles need to be region-free. I am a huge fan of importing my games from around the world because I can't get some of them here in Canada. I have recently preordered Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Quest IX off of More gamers should import games because it really helps the industry and allows a game dev too get his games too more people.

Dragon Quest IX
 The only downside I see is that the price of these games is somewhat expensive. Advent Children Complete with the FFXIII demo cost me around $90CAD which is quite expensive for a few Blu-Ray discs. Than again it was worth it too get an insider look on my most anticipated game of 2010.

So fellow gamers, what are your opinions on importing games? Have you imported games ever? I would love too read your opinions.

Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Hey, I'm Aljosa15. I used to be a regular on the GameSpot forums under the account Aljosa23 but was banned over nonsense a week ago. So now I've chosen GiantBomb as my main videogame site. I like the community and how everything is editable. So yeah, that's my "origin" I guess you could say.

Well, I'm 17 and mainly a PC and Nintendo DS gamer and hopefully will get a Wii and 360 just for Final Fantasy XIII. There's nothing really else you need to know about me, except I was in a fire 3 weeks ago and lost my house. Here's the link to the article. And yes, that is my Dad being interviewed. Right now I'm gaming on a very low-end laptop and I bought a DSi a week after the fire. My dad said he is letting me build a whole new PC when we settle in. I am staying at my cousin's house.

That's all I have to say, I hope I enjoy my time spent on GiantBomb. Oh, and I also post on NeoGAF.