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I don't see why having a rating system out of five stars necessarily means it has to be 1 star = 20%

Why couldn't you have a more exponentially graded system that gets tougher to get the 5th star.


0 stars = 0

1 star = 1-35

2 stars = 35-65

3 stars = 65-85

4 stars = 85-95

5 stars = 95-100

You could even shift the scale if you wanted to, or fit it towards a bell curve so its harder to get a 1 or a 5, than it is to get a 3.

All I mean is that if you predetermined your grading and made it transparent to your users - values don't have to directly correlate to 4 stars = 8/10

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I'm having the same issue.

Note: tried Firefox/Chrome/IE8

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@coakroach: Goldeneye 007 on N64 being the only exception, yes?
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i haven't considered a hand-held for a long time..

star fox and ocarina of time have definitely changed that..
some nostalgic gaming on the morning commute has me real excited.

though i'll always remember Star Fox 64 as "Lylat Wars"

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Blake Griffins car dunk was a few moments of "oh wow this will be fucking awesome".... followed by "oh... no its not.... its ok, i guess"

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Just shot through Ep II this morning. 
I was hoping that there would be more to explore, but instead we were pidgeon holed into the same town square, same time period, etc.
That said, it looks like Ep III goes into an alternate future so that will hopefully satisify that desired setting change.
I quite enjoyed it, its a bit TOO simple - but ive taken the viewpoint that its more of an interactive story than a "game" as such, which is allowing me to get more out of it than I otherwise would I think.

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My opinions won't be as highly regarded as some of you longer-term members - but I'm pretty crestfallen at this decision.
Video games are a hobby for me, not a devout passion. 
I only visit Giant Bomb a couple of times a week and listen to a wednesday podcast every couple of weeks. - and genuinely enjoy it.
Even though for most of you - sparing $50 a year for the content is a no-brainer - for someone like me who comes here for quick, quality catch-up visits and NOT the quantity/frequency, this will drive me away from the site somewhat.
The podcast is 100% awesome... but its 50% gaming talk, and 50% entertaining ramble about expensive rice cookers, expensive arcade cabinets and vinny's cripplingly expensive steam sale addiction.
Not that they've been crying poor as a reason for this change - but it sounds like theyre all doing alright. 
Either that or they desperately need some sound financial planning advice haha.
I'm a Front-End developer by trade, I understand the reasoning for this change and for growth and sustainability it is definately warranted.
Its just a touch depressing that its become such a "business".

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not as keen on this after reading through.
dragon age is enough for me these days I spose.

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stoked. sounds good!