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I'm totally expecting the announcement of a version of USF4 for PS4 and One during Evo.

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I watched 1.11 through 3.33 last week and loved them. I love just how batshit insane things get by 3.33. 1.11 is positively boring compared to the other ones since it's pretty much just a prettier shot for shot remake of the early episodes of the series.

I don't know why people can get upset about the changes either, since every incarnation of the series completely branches off into its own thing. Between the original anime, the original movies, the manga, and the rebuild you've basically got four different stories starring the same cast of characters.

PS. As long as my waifu Asuka is bitchy and awesome, I'm happy with whatever incarnation.

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I demand Anime Editor Brad Shoemaker review each new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Either him or Vinny, since he's the prettiest princess.

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Yay! I slowed my playing down recently to wait for the new stuff, but I'm really waiting for the thief class before I jump back in full time.

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We all know our Anime Editor uses a boob mousepad at home, but Jeff won't allow it in the office.

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Strange that chat seems to be working on Brad's screen, but crapped out on me as soon as the main stream started.

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I'm ready for GB to get America all over my ass!!!

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The Force Unleashed 2 special edition. It was something like 90 bucks when it came out and it took less time to finish than watching one of the Star Wars films.

The first one wasn't perfect, but it had some great ideas, so I was hoping the sequel would really improve on it like a lot of second games in a franchise do. I was all, "Hey, this is pretty good!" then got the what I thought was the end of the first chapter of the game, only to have the credits roll...

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@rorie You're a Dan Ryckert and Jason Oestreicher.

Welcome aboard, guys!