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Has anyone posted this yet? I just came across it and it is GLORIOUS!

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Wow, this just bummed me out big time.

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This is Rad!

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@milkman said:

I seriously feel like I just lost one of my best friends. I don't care how weird that sounds. The thought of going the rest of the day just pretending to be okay is killing me right now. And what would I tell people? "Oh, this guy on the internet died." That sounds insane but it's the truth.

I feel the same.

My thoughts to those closest to him. Such a shitty way to start the week.

This exactly. I don't even know what to say.

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WHAT?? Are you serious??? What?? No really??

EDIT: I don't believe this. I refuse!! How? I can't...

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WHAT!!!! I'm Sad and Happy all at the same time!!! I am so confused?!!!???!!

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More Burning Questions!!

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I'm having a slightly different inbox problem, display shows 4 unread messages, but I actually have no messages.

This is the problem I'm having as well. can't clear them.